Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Makeup Eraser DUPE: Cleanjoy Face Cloth

I’m not one to be drawn in by gimmicky products all that often and it’s not that often that beauty ‘innovations’ are all that innovative, but the makeup eraser really did catch my eye, but I wasn’t going to pay £15 for what ultimately is a piece of cloth. Enter Cleanjoy.

I picked up this slinky little number on Ebay (ADD LINK) for £1.62 and I am literally blown away by it! It’s made in Korea and there’s no surprise there, the Koreans are after all geniuses when it comes to skincare products.

This cloth works great with just water at removing pretty much all traces of makeup – even waterproof mascara, although I do like to give it a kick-start with some cleanser too.
It’s silky soft and smooth on the skin and gently lifts all traces of makeup.

It works because of the microfiber blend of hairs in the cloth. These are so fine and densely compact that they have a massive surface area and can get into all nooks and crannies of the face.

It requires very little effort to do a pretty good job which could ultimately save you lots of money on cleaners and makeup wipes in the longrun.

Its machine washable too – apparently it will last 1000 washes but I’ve not got that far yet! An absolute steal if you ask me! 

5 Beauty Myths that are absolute nonsense

The internet is both a marvelous and ridiculous thing. You can get information at a the click of a finger, but how do we know what information is true and what is a load of rubbish? Here are 5 beauty myths I’ve seen floating about the net that just aren’t true.

#1 “If you pluck a grey hair, 7 more will appear.”
What a load of drivel. If this were true, I’d get plucking away and have gloriously thick hair when it grows back! The reason people believe this to be true is because the hair in the surrounding area is likely to turn grey anyway – but nothing actually grows back in that hairs place. Anyway, grey is totally in at the moment, so don’t pluck, embrace the grays!

#2 – “Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker.”
Codswallop. Again, if this was true, I’d shave my head quicker than you could say ‘Britney Spears’. As it starts to grow back it might feel abit thicker, purely because of the angle you cut it at. Opt for a good quality razor, use a body scrub and go against the grain for a closer shave.

#3 – “If you leave your hair long enough, it will clean itself.”
You dirty, dirty bastards! Who even does this? After one car journey with a smoker, my hair is drenched in the smell of tobacco – but I’ll just leave it for months for the sake of saving a couple of quid on shampoo? No thanks! Not washing your hair will leave your hair looking greasy and could also lead to pretty horrible skin and scalp conditions. Don’t do it!

#4 – “Using Facial oil on oily skin will only make things worse.”
Poppycock! Oily skin is in need of hydration which is why it ends up over producing oil throughout the day. Oils will help balance oily skin in the long run – drink it up!

#5 –“Your hair gets used to your shampoo.”

This is one I’ve actually believed in myself – so I switch up my shampoo every couple of months. My hair feels lank and looks dull, but what I really should be doing is using a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of that feeling – it’s not the shampoos fault!
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