Monday, June 27, 2016

NYX Wonder Stick

NYX Wonder Stick in Light - £10 

 Only I'd get the hand of contouring as it starts to become an out of date trend! Typical! The latest trend seems to be non-touring or strobing - I'm not sure what Kim K is calling it but I'll keep an eye out! I've definitely not mastered a killer highlight yet, that's next on the agenda.

The only reason I've finally been able to master a contour is by using the NYX Wonder Stick. This little beauty is so simple and easy to use, you really can't go wrong.

The reason I've found it so hard to master contouring is down to my ghostly complexion. When the trend began, I found the products available in the drug store only catered for darker skin tones, leaving us pale girls with no options - or a muddy looking face.

I'd given up the search for quite a while, until I learned that you can now get NYX in the UK at Boots. The NYX Wonder Stick is pretty affordable at £10 - it's not a massive risk if you find it doesn't work for you.

I went for the 'Light' shade -  I think there's 3 in the range and this one works perfectly for me. (For reference I'm normally the palest shades in all drugstore foundations!)

The double ended stick comes with a dark contour shade and a light highlight shade and the packaging has a handy guide on where to place each shade on the face.

The consistency of each stick is buttery and creamy and it glides onto the skin really well. I put this intop of my foundation and it doesn't move my base around at all. I'll then blend out with my damp beauty blender to a perfect, powdery finish.

For me, this gives a really subtle contour, which I love. I don't think really dramatic contours suit pale skin tones, but each to their own!

It helps to give great definition and structure to the face, without being too obvious, especially along the sides of my nose.

If the idea of contouring appeals to you but you have no idea where to start, I'd definitely recommend this! It's foolproof!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Garnier Skin Active Oil Infused Range

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water  £5.99
Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Wipes £3.26

Oils have become very popular over the past year or so, but I don’t actually have any oils in my skincare routine. I use the Camomile Balm Cleanser from the Body Shop that turn’s into an oil, but that’s about it. I don’t know why, because research shows that it’s not true, but when I hear the words ‘Facial Oil’ all I can think of is a grease ball mess on my face. It’s never been something I’ve wanted to dabble in, because I don’t want to make my already quite oily skin any worse. 

Then I saw that Garnier had released an ‘Oil Infused’ range of cleansing products and at the time I was in the market for a new Micellar water, so as they were on offer, I thought I’d give them a try. 

I know many of you will be internally tutting at my use of makeup wipes. They don’t get used that often, but sometimes, I just can’t be bothered with a full cleanse, so a quick swipe with the Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Wipes is better than nothing. To me, these feel just like normal cleansing wipes. No softer, no quicker to use, no more effective. They very slightly leave a feeling of something behind on the skin, but that’s definitely not a feeling I like. They do the job, but I’m not sure I saw any added skincare benefits.

Same goes for the Micellar Oil-Infused cleansing water. This two part solution is shook up to combine the Oil with the Micellar water, and aims to make that cleans even easier at breaking down waterproof makeup. I hated this. The oil got into my eyes and gave me blurred vision, stung a bit and clung around on my skin. I didn’t feel cleansed like I do with the original cleansing water. I can’t wait until I finish the bottle so I can go back to their original Micellar water (which I adore) because this just does not work for me. I’ve seen good reviews elsewhere so don’t just take my word for it, but if you have sensitive eyes, I’d give this one a miss.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Top 5 Beauty Tools

Up until about 6 years ago, I rarely used brushed to apply my makeup and stuck my fingers in any old product and slap it on my face. These days I very rarely opt for fingers and generally reach for these 5 the most out of my brush collection. No eye shadow brushes have made it in my top 5, partly because I don't wear eyeshadow that often anymore and because I've got a million eyeshadow brushes so its hard to choose which ones I like best! 

So here goes with my top 5. 

I'll start off with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This is my favorite tool for applying foundation and cream based products. The reason this sponge made the cut and the classic Beauty Blender didn't is because of its unique shape. Its got a pointy end perfect for around the nose and under the eyes, its curved edges are great for packing foundation on and blending, and the flat side is perfect for patting on just the right amount of cream blush or highlight. Mine's getting pretty manky now, so it's about time I picked up, but for £5.99, it's a bargain! 

Next up, the Tapered Finishing Brush from Spectrum - how stunning is this brush? But looks aside, this brush is made from the softest fibers ever and is perfect for setting finely milled powers - I even use this with my powder blush - it blends out evenly and its just gorgeous to use. I'll hopefully be picking up more of the brushes from the Spectrum collection soon! 

I love the  Real Techniques Powder Brush for all types of powder, but I mainly use this with my Mineralize Skin Finish. It picks up the perfect amount of product and gives a matte but not flat finish to the skin. It’s soft, fluffy and perfect for finishing your makeup off. 

I never actually knew how to use the Real techniques Contour Brush, because I rarely contour, but found that this brush is absolutely perfect for under eye concealing. It’s the perfect size, fluffiness and denseness to get under the eye and blend out all types of concealer. I also use this to set my under eyes with powder too. The Real Techniques brushes are ridiculously easy to clean too. I’ve had mine for a while now, and they’re still as good as new. No loose hairs when you wash them, and they dry pretty quickly too. 
The latest addition to my beauty tool kit has been the mini Beauty Blender. Look at it. Have you ever seen anything cuter in your entire life? A fraction of the size of the regular beauty blender, this is perfect for smaller areas or more detailed areas, such as under the eyes, around the nose, around the lips and eyebrows. I personally love it for under the eyes. Just like the original beauty blender, it expands when you put it under water, but this one is much more spongy and soft compared to the original. This makes is even nicer to use in the delicate under eye area and blends out concealer flawlessly. 

What are your top 5 beauty tools?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Mask Review

Masque Bar Green Tea Face Mask - £9.99 (3 Pack) 

I was lucky enough to be rescued by the Direct Line #DirectFix team a few weeks ago, after I had a sleepless night because of my cat, so they came to my rescue with some products to perk me up and make me feel more awake and in that box was these little beauties.

Sheet masks are becoming my all time favourite skin care fix. Easy to shove on while they do their magic and no mess to take off, they're so convenient.

I've seen the Masque bar in Boots but always walked past them because I normally wouldn't spend £9.99 for 3 face masks, but now I'm converted.

I never really expect amazing results from face masks, I tend to reach for them when I’m in need of a bit of a pamper, and although the experience is nice enough, I don’t expect much more than a relax for 20 mins while it’s on.

But with this mask, I couldn’t be more impressed with the instant and lasting results. I was having a particularly bad skin day – breakouts, oily patches and dryness – ain’t nobody got time for that. So I reached for this, lay back and shoved the latest episode of Geordie Shore on while it got to work.
The mask is formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation to even out the complexion, with ingredients such as Vitamin E and Phyto Collagen.

After I took the mask off, my skin felt amazing. Nourished, calm with blemishes backing down and redness completely evened out. It only took a day or two for my skin to completely clear up afterwards and normally my blemishes stick around for much longer.

Masque Bar have made a great first impression on me and I can’t wait to try out other masks from their range.

Have you tried anything from the Masque Bar Range? What should I try next?

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