Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 Ways : Quick and easy nail art

I’ve never been the type to go and get my nails done at the salon every month – I just don’t have the money to indulge. But there’s nothing I love more than sitting back and giving myself a manicure.  I watch amazing videos on Instagram that inspire me to try out some nail art, but I’ve not got the skills to paint Mona Lisa on my pinky. These girls are just too good! 

I’ll never have the ability to do absolutely amazing nail art like that, but there’s no reason I can’t try other ways to create amazing nail art. Here’s my top 5 ways to create amazing nail art without needed mad skills.

Decals are one of the easiest ways to get gorgeous works of art on your nails with next to no effort. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs and you can pick them up really cheaply off ebay. You just paint your nails as normal, then select the decal you want to use, and let it soak in some water to remove its paper back (much like the temporary tattoos you got in bubble gum as a kid!) I apply a thin layer of clear polish to my nail and using tweezers, place the decal in the place that I want it. I’ll then lock this in with another layer of clear polish. How easy was that? 

Nail Wraps 
Another super easy one, which takes even less time. Nail wraps are basically thin films of sticky back plastic you shove on your nails. I’ve got a tonne of these in my cupboard for when I’m feeling fancy. It creates a mani that looks like it took a lot of effort, when in fact it took no time at all. Like stick on nails, you choose the best size for each finger, peel off the paper backing and smooth it on the nail, making sure you’ve got no air bubbles underneath. File off any overhang  - I find filing downwards creates the smoothest edge and makes the wrap stay on the nails for much longer. I generally finish this off with a top coat just to seal off any areas where the wrap might lift. These don’t last more than 4-5 days, but while they’re on they look great, and they’re really easy to get off too. 

Nail Stamps

Nail stamps are a fun an easy way to do really high quality nail art quickly and easily. It definitely takes some practice to get right. I had to experiment with a few different types of polish to get it to work, but my favourite are metallic shades. Layered ontop of any normal polish, these stamps can be used for any occasions. I've got plates with floral designs, seasonal designs, Aztec designs - you name it there's a stamping plate for it. All you do is paint over the design you want on the plate, scrape away any excess with the scraper, pick it up with the stamper and roll over your chosen nail. The design transfers perfectly onto your nail. 

Bling Bling.

Bling is one of the easiest ways to make it look like you've made massive effort and is super easy to do. These wheels can be picked up on ebay for 99p, and are filled with diamante, stars, tear drops - you can create little works of art easily using these, I like to use a few on an accent nail here or there, but you could go all out and completely cover your nails with them. They stick on really easily with a clear coat of polish, and finish it off with a coat of clear polish to secure everything in, One of my tricks is to get a tiny bit of blu tack on the end of a tooth pick or something pointy, this helps you to pick up and position the tiny little buggers, because they can be a little bit fiddly!

Brush & Dotting Tools
Last but not least is this brush and dotting tool. I like to experiment with this - I picked this particular tool up from Avon. The brush on one end us super fine so you can create some really detailed designs, or some cute squiggles if that's what you fancy, The dotting side is my favourite, It creates clean, perfectly shaped dots and you can control how big or small you want to go with it too. Effortless,

Do you have any tricks for easy nail art? Let me know, I'll try them out!

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