Thursday, February 18, 2016

Self Esteem

If I'm honest, this post is more a kick up the arse for myself in a way, because everything I'm going to write about are all things I need to embrace in my everyday life.

Self esteem is something I think that is challenged on a daily basis. Be it the media, your crush or some faceless internet troll. Every now and again something will smack bang slap us in the face and make us doubt our identity, our relationships and even our worth.

Self esteem is so important to our everyday health, and everyone feels abit shitty about themselves at some point in their life. But I find culture nowadays wants to drag people down, just to make themselves feel better.

So when you're feeling like you want to run away and live in the woods, what do you do?

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF. Despite what Instagram and Pinterest might show, no ones life is perfect. Comparing yourself to other peoples mis-representations of their own loves isn't effective. When we compare, we only compare our 'bad' traits, and highlighting this to yourself over and over isn't going to help you become the person who you want to be, or achieve the life that you want to live, it's only going to stop you from taking the steps to get there.

Ever stop to think if it matters if you're carrying a few pounds more than that girl? Or that her teeth are that bit whiter and straighter than yours? What about the difference you made in the world today? The help you gave your colleague to make their life abit easier, or the smile you gave to a stranger that brightened their day? We never highlight our good bits - just what we perceive as our bad bits.

Still not working? Then change. Now I'm not telling you to all go and get lipo or get that nose straightened up, but if your 'flaws' are really getting you down that much, do something about it. I'm on the heftier side of the BMI scale, extremely irritable and grumpy and I'm having more breakouts at 25 than I did in all my teenage years combined - all things that add to my low self esteem but all things that I'm working on to change. Not because anyone else told me to, because I know it'll make me happy. You'll find ways to embrace your flaws and eventually they'll become things you love about yourself.

Find yourself. Now I know I've turned up the cheese factor to 1000 here, but it's really important to know exactly who you are. How can you be completely content and happy with yourself if you don't know who you are? What do you stand for? Who influences your decisions - and why? Do things with the people you love & on your own  - you'll come to appreciate your own company and love yourself a little bit more.

I hope this post helps. I'm going to be setting myself some challenges to improve myself in ways to make me happy.

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