Friday, January 22, 2016

Perfect Dewy Skin Base...

I've been struggling with oily skin recently. I'm not sure why but my makeup doesn't like to stay around for a full day anymore. For oily skin types, you'd normally reach for mattifiers but I hate flat looking skin. You want a complexion that's glowy and dewy but not oily- and I've managed to find the products that make it happen for me.

Both with 'Luminous' in their name, this base combo helps me to combat my oily patches whilst making me lit from within.

I'll start off with the Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer. A little of this worked into the skin creates an almost tacky base ready for the next step. Leaving the skin looking glowing without having any small specs of glitter like some other lumnious bases out there, this primer leaves skin prepped and ready for foundation.

The Maxfactor Skin Luminizer foundation gives medium coverage without feeling cakey or heavy on the skin, blends beautifully and leave a subtle glow. Covering all redness and mattifying any oily patches, this foundation is my go to when I'm looking for a luminous finish. It photographs well too!

What's your favourite product to create dewy skin?

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