Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hair Journey

Since the start of the year, I’ve had a pretty big hair transformation. It’s been a gradual process, but when you look at me in January to now, my hair is almost polar opposites in colour. 

I loved having dark hair. It made me look older, it was gorgeously glossy and I could easily get away with not drying it after the shower – but the up keep was just getting too much for me. I’d be dying it at home every 4 weeks or so, I’d have horrible roots and after a while the dye just stopped taking. So in February, I decided to make a change. 

I had a search online for a hair dresser that I knew would give me results, and that’s where I came across Georgie and her amazing hair transformations – you can see her work on her Facebook page here.

So when I went for my first appointment, my hair was pretty much black with product build up. I had some red undertones, dirty blonde roots and an overall tired out head of hair. I told Georgie that what I wanted, and unlike other hairdressers that said it would be impossible, they’d had to whack a load of bleach on it blah blah blah, Georgie said “It’ll take a couple of goes, but we’ll do it!” Confident. I liked it.  She knew exactly what I wanted and just got on with it. 

I wish I’d taken proper pictures during the process so you could see my transformation step by step, but these will just have to do. 

The main technique Georgie used on my hair was baby lights. Similar to highlights, but with smaller strands of hair which create a much more subtle dimension of colour to the hair. Using smaller strands of hair all over helped to lift the entire tone of my hair in a much more subtle way. 

After the first go, I had what I think was light brown hair with blonde highlights. I was really impressed – I really liked it. I was really surprised at how healthy my hair felt after all of the baby lights too. I know bottle blondes do have a harder time with tangles than brunettes but my hair was still really soft and manageable. 

She sent me away with the advice of using loads of hair masks and book in with her again in 8 weeks time. I’ve been back to her twice since, and each time been blown away with the results. 

I’ve had no breakage, no damage, no problems at all. Georgie really knows what she’s doing. 

Right now, I’m well and truly blonde. The baby lights are sooo low maintenance. I ca leave it 8 weeks or more before they need topping up because they blend in so well with my natural hair colour. I’ve barely changed anything in my hair routine either. It’s only since my recent short chop that I’m having to heat style it a bit more, but treating my hair to some deep conditioning has kept it in tip top shape. A mask I’ve been loving recently has been the TIGI Reconstructing treatment mask for Weak & Damaged hair. This mask smells amazing and leaves the hair feeling soft but strong. 

I have also been loving the Nano Keratin System Refining Shampoo * and Refining Mask*. This combo is aimed at sensitised and chemically treated hair – perfect for those with bleached hair. These are formulated to cleanse whilst giving hair a boost of moisture. I’ve got a few sachets of these and these come with me in my swim bag – we all know how horrible chlorine can be to the hair and these work a treat. 

I’ve also been loving the Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine – this helps my hair looking sleek and shiny. 

If you’re in the Manchester area and are looking for a trustworthy hairdresser, check out Georgie on Facebook!

I’m not too sure what to do next with my hair. I’m feeling maybe a pastel shade but I’m not sure Georgie will let me go for that!

*Disclaimer: some of the product(s) reviewed in this post were provided to Miniemble free of charge by the manufacturer/PR for review purposes only. I will always give my readers the most truthful and honest opinions of products on this blog.

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  1. Great post! I struggle with my hair because it's so fine!
    Jabeen x


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