Monday, October 12, 2015

Going foundation free...

For nearly my entire adult life I always got the feeling of terror at the thought of leaving the house without any makeup on. Even if I was off work sick and going out to the doctors, I'd feel the need to slap on a full face of makeup - but why? 

It's got the the point in the world where where criticize every other person if they don't look perfect. We're insulted by large pores, blemishes and oily skin and are appalled when we see untouched celebrity photos on the Daily Mail. You can blame the media all you like, but we're the ones that fuel the fire - we're just as much to blame for the shaming culture. 

It's unrealistic for people to have flawless makeup all day every day - even expert makeup artists get it wrong some times. Who decided that the definition of beauty included overdrawn lips and eyebrows on fleek? 

I'm not being judged by my appearance any more - if people offended by my spotty skin, so what? I've taken the decision to not care about what other people may or may not think about my appearance and do exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it. 

As much as I love makeup, it just doesn't always fit in with my lifestyle. I'm not saying that I don't wear a full face of makeup anymore, I do, but I'm not going to worry about popping to Tesco without anything on. Yes, a full face can give you confidence, make you feel sexy and hold your head up high, but I feel that too much makeup can make you less impressed with the natural you. 

And truely,who cares if you're wearing makeup or not? Most of the time, I don't think most people I interact with on a daily basis would notice if I walked in with a pair of knickers on my head, let alone what shade of blush I'm wearing. 

That's exactly why I've decided to give myself a break. At the moment, its a rarity that I wear a full face of makeup - and even when I do I feel a little suffocated underneath it all. 

Going foundation free has given me an extra 10 minutes in bed it's given me clearer and brighter skin, but most of all its made me learn to love the natural me. 

I don't feel the need to hide away my imperfections any more, my blemishes might be on show and my eye bags are a little darker, but that's me and its OK. 

Despite what the Daily Mail might say - the world isn't all that bad. Going out the front door without any makeup on isn't going to result in horrified children pointing at your face asking their mummy why you look like that. Going makeup free shows people the real you - and you'll be surprised at how many people prefer you that way. 

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