Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's on my nails? Avon press on nails!

Avon Press on Nails - £5

There's nothing I love more than a quick beauty fix and nothing I hate more than waiting for a mani to dry. Enter Avon to save my life. Avon have recently released a range of press on nails in some pretty amazing styles and my sister in law (who just so happens to be my local Avon rep) gave me a packet to try. 

These nails couldn't be more simple to use. Each nail has an adhesive strip on the back, protected by a small film of plastic which you simply pull off, press and go. 

You get 24 nails in each pack so no need to worry about finding a nail to fit - there's definitely one for each and every finger size in here. 

From the moment you open the packet to you stick down the last nail, I'd say takes no longer than 5 minutes. No waiting around for top coats or glue to dry, once the last one is on, you're ready to go! 

With all press on nails, I like to file them down to meet the size of my existing nails because I find they stay on longer that way and don't catch or pull on anything. 

I shoved these on before going out for a meal with my friends and they lasted for a good few days before I decided to take them off (that's including washing the pots daily too!). 

When I decided to take them off, they peeled off really cleanly and smoothly with no pain or damage to the nail - easy! 

Overall, I'm impressed. I absolutely loved the floral design, but Avon do a whole bunch of other designs too. 

Have you tried any of the new Avon nail art range? What style should I go for next? 

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