Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Birch Day to Me!

After unsubscribing to all of my beauty box subscriptions about a year ago, I decided to sign back up to Birchbox. Everything in my collection is looking abit neglected recently . I’ve been feeling abit uninspired, uninterested and a little stuck in a rut. I wanted to get excited about beauty products again, and remembered the feeling I used to get on dispatch day! 


I think I chose a pretty good month to sign back up! Birchbox is currently celebrating its 5thbirthday in a big way, with an extra special treat in each box and a birthday bonanza giveaway too! Here’s what I got in this months Birchbox – 


·         Paulas Choice BHA Liquid Exfoliant - £5.97 Value

·         John Masters Organics Detangler - £2 Value

·         Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil in Cray Cray - £5 Value

·         Beauty Protector Beauty Wash - £1.00 Value

·         Benefit Porefessional Licence to Blot stick - £5.04 Value

·         Birch Brush -  £5.99


Total Approx. Value : £25.00


There isn’t a product in this box that I’m not excited to try. Seriously.  


I’ve been wanting to try out a liquid exfoliant for sooo long, so I’m really glad the Paula’s Choice BHA Liquid Exfoliant was in there. I’m also really excited to see how effective the Benefit Licence to Blot stick is – my skin is super shiny at the minute. And the fact it’s so dinky and cute is a major plus ‘cause I’m addicted to minis! And the Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip – wow! I’ve got sooo much love to multipurpose products and I love these types of blush sticks. The shade is absolutely stunning too!


You should expect to see reviews on all of these in the very near future!


I’m glad to be back with Birchbox! I think Autumn is the best time of year to be subscribed to them, you seem to get better samples at this time of year! 


Keep your eye’s peeled for my reviews on this bunch!

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  1. Looks like you got an awesome box. Love the feeling of getting a beauty box, full of surprises! xx


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