Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mani Monday with Maybelline

As I write this, it's Sunday night after a pretty shitty weekend and I'm curled up on the sofa having just painted my nails. It's not that I don't love and appreciate each and every one of my readers, but nothing, I mean NOTHING is prying me up from the sofa right now. Hence why you've got a pretty crappy shot of my nails. 

The Maybeline Super Stay 7 Day Gel Nail Colours have slowly been taking over my stash, mainly because their shade range is so much different to anyone else's offering. 

Perfect for Autumn, the shade Divine Wine is a gorgeous berry/red hybrid, and really suits my paler complexion. I love shades like this, and I'd wear them all year long if I could. Maybeline actually do a lipstick of the same name, which I'm definitely going to be treating myself too! 

These polishes are amazing - one chat gives an even colour, but I still pop on a second coat just out of habit. The brush is much larger than you're average too, making application really quick and easy! 

You get a good shine off them, but I don't think they rival sat the Barry M Gelly polishes. I'd definitely recommend you shove a top coat on top! 

So that's my mani this Monday! I'm back into nails at the moment, so hopefully you'll be seeing abit of nail art soon! Best get my stamping kits out! 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Birch Day to Me!

After unsubscribing to all of my beauty box subscriptions about a year ago, I decided to sign back up to Birchbox. Everything in my collection is looking abit neglected recently . I’ve been feeling abit uninspired, uninterested and a little stuck in a rut. I wanted to get excited about beauty products again, and remembered the feeling I used to get on dispatch day! 


I think I chose a pretty good month to sign back up! Birchbox is currently celebrating its 5thbirthday in a big way, with an extra special treat in each box and a birthday bonanza giveaway too! Here’s what I got in this months Birchbox – 


·         Paulas Choice BHA Liquid Exfoliant - £5.97 Value

·         John Masters Organics Detangler - £2 Value

·         Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil in Cray Cray - £5 Value

·         Beauty Protector Beauty Wash - £1.00 Value

·         Benefit Porefessional Licence to Blot stick - £5.04 Value

·         Birch Brush -  £5.99


Total Approx. Value : £25.00


There isn’t a product in this box that I’m not excited to try. Seriously.  


I’ve been wanting to try out a liquid exfoliant for sooo long, so I’m really glad the Paula’s Choice BHA Liquid Exfoliant was in there. I’m also really excited to see how effective the Benefit Licence to Blot stick is – my skin is super shiny at the minute. And the fact it’s so dinky and cute is a major plus ‘cause I’m addicted to minis! And the Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip – wow! I’ve got sooo much love to multipurpose products and I love these types of blush sticks. The shade is absolutely stunning too!


You should expect to see reviews on all of these in the very near future!


I’m glad to be back with Birchbox! I think Autumn is the best time of year to be subscribed to them, you seem to get better samples at this time of year! 


Keep your eye’s peeled for my reviews on this bunch!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beauty Crowd Goodies

I love it when I think I've found a little gem that no one else knows about and I think that's what I've stumbled upon here. I was contacted to see if I wanted to try a couple of beauty products from some new brands sold on Beauty Crowd - a new online cosmetics retailer so I thought 'Why the hell not?!'. 

On Beauty Crowd, you can find a massive range of brands you don't see on the highstreet, some high end and some budget as well as some brands that are quite difficult to find in the UK. 

The two products I was sent to try out was the Bell Hypoallergenic BB Mousse Makeup* and the Nicka K Powder Blush* - both brands I've never hear of before but was excited to try. 

Branding is a very powerful thing. The more you've heard of a brand, the more you trust it - even someone like me with a background in marketing & consumer behaviour is still to an extent controlled by the power of it, and for this reason I wasn't expecting much from these two. Boy was I wrong.

The BB Mousse Makeup from Bell was really, really surprising. An absolutely dream to wear on the skin, I'd say despite claiming to be a BB formula, this was definitely on the medium - high coverage for me. I've never tried a mousse foundation before, so can't compare it to anything, but the texture of this is so great to work with. The velvety, silky mousse blends seamlessly into the skin (I used the real techniques buffing brush to apply) and leaves an air brushed finish. It hides blemishes, spots and dark circles really well too.  I did find that it oxidized the tiniest little bit on my skin, but if I weren't so ghostly pale, you wouldn't have been able to tell. This only happened after a good 7+ hours on my face, at which point my normal liquid foundations are normally completely gone. I absolutely love this, and will reach for this at times when I want my makeup to look on on point! 

The Nicka K Powder blush was also a delight to try. I love products like this that help me cut corners. The product actually comes through the sponge applicator, meaning I can be lazy and not have to wash another brush! The pigment on this is like WOW. The first time I used it, I just plonked it on and ended up looking abit like a clown, so a gentle hand with this is definitely the way to go! This silky powder doesn't look chalky or sit on top of the skin. Instead, it gives a gorgeous natural flush to the skin. 

So, just because you haven't heard of a brand doesn't mean that the quality of the products wont be any good. I look forward to trying more out from these brands - keep your eyes out for these, 'cause I'm expecting more great products to come! 

*Disclaimer: some of the product(s) reviewed in this post were provided to Miniemble free of charge by the manufacturer/PR for review purposes only. I will always give my readers the most truthful and honest opinions of products on this blog.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fragrance at Primark

Polka Fragrance - Primark £2 

I've not ventured into Primark for absolutely ages and when I went in last weekend, I couldn't believe how much it had changed! 

The Manchester Primark now has a Costa coffee, a massive beauty section and you can even get your eyebrows threaded! 

I had a good little gander around the beauty section, picking up the odd bit here and there but the thing I was the most impressed with was this little rollerball fragrance - Polka. 

Now, I'm not pointing any fingers, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Primark my have taken inspiration from some popular fragrances when it comes to the names & packaging of their fragrances, but why spend £40 on a 30ml bottle when you can spend £2 for something just as nice? 

I've heard that although this clearly looks like Marc Daisy Dot, it's doesn't actually smell the same, and that its actually similar to Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. I've not tried either of these, so can't comment, but I know that this scent hits all the right spots for me. 

I find it just the right amount of girly, with more of a sexy night time scent to it. It lingers nicely on the skin for a good few hours and doesn't fade away to leave a nasty, granny scent like some cheaper fragrances do. There's no way I could tell between this and a £40 perfume.

Its a rollerball too, which is just perfect! I don't know why, but rollerball perfumes encourage me to apply loads more, and it's the perfect size for my handbag. 

I think I'll be heading to Primark to pick up a couple more of these handy scents!

Have you tried any of the Primark beauty range? What should I pick up next time I pop in? 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's on my nails? Avon press on nails!

Avon Press on Nails - £5

There's nothing I love more than a quick beauty fix and nothing I hate more than waiting for a mani to dry. Enter Avon to save my life. Avon have recently released a range of press on nails in some pretty amazing styles and my sister in law (who just so happens to be my local Avon rep) gave me a packet to try. 

These nails couldn't be more simple to use. Each nail has an adhesive strip on the back, protected by a small film of plastic which you simply pull off, press and go. 

You get 24 nails in each pack so no need to worry about finding a nail to fit - there's definitely one for each and every finger size in here. 

From the moment you open the packet to you stick down the last nail, I'd say takes no longer than 5 minutes. No waiting around for top coats or glue to dry, once the last one is on, you're ready to go! 

With all press on nails, I like to file them down to meet the size of my existing nails because I find they stay on longer that way and don't catch or pull on anything. 

I shoved these on before going out for a meal with my friends and they lasted for a good few days before I decided to take them off (that's including washing the pots daily too!). 

When I decided to take them off, they peeled off really cleanly and smoothly with no pain or damage to the nail - easy! 

Overall, I'm impressed. I absolutely loved the floral design, but Avon do a whole bunch of other designs too. 

Have you tried any of the new Avon nail art range? What style should I go for next? 
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