Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to Basics : Lush Butter Ball Review

Lush Butter Ball - £2.65

I take it for granted sometimes that not everyone is like me. Not everyone is interested in beauty products, whats new on the scene or even what stores are on the highstreet. I was planning a shopping trip with a friend the other day and mentioned that I needed to stock up on some bath bombs from Lush and was surprised with my friends response - "What's Lush?".

Part of my blogging break was down to feeling under pressure to try the latest, high end products and review them before anyone else and not miss out on all the other products everyone else was talking about - but time and money didn't exactly make this practical. 

That's when I realised that its OK to stick to what works for you - the basics. And this is one of mine.

The Lush Butter Ball is one of the only bath bombs I just keep going back too - I feel that most bath bombs are just for fun, but this one really makes a difference to my skin.

I'm rubbish at describing smells so I'm not even going to try and sound like I know what I'm talking about, but I imagine that this bath bomb is exactly what a spa would smell like. With ingredients of cocoa butter and Ylang Ylang, this bath bomb is suited for those with sensitive skin. Now, I don't suffer from sensitive skin so I can't comment, but this makes my slightly on the dry side skin buttery soft! 

It's not very exciting when you drop this into the tub. No crazy colours, just a gentle fizz what releases a gorgeous smell and essential oils floating throughout the water.

After a soak in the tub, I feel relaxed and stress free, like a weight had been lifted, not to mention my skin looking and feeling pretty amazing.

My all time favourite from Lush - simple but effective.

What's your favourite basic product?

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