Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to defeat the eye bags of doom!

How to improve dark circles

I am a regular wearer of the eye bags of doom. Like on the daily. I embrace them, its unrealistic to be perfectly fresh faced every day and its sad that society expects women to be the perfect house wife, have a career and have no dark circles in sight. But when my boyfriend tilts his head, looks me in the eyes gently and says "Em, you look shattered" at 6pm when I'm feeling pretty wide awake, something has to be done.

The obvious solution is sleep. A good nights sleep can work wonders on undereye baggage, but for some it isn't always possible. Sharing a bed with a snorer makes a perfect nights sleep near impossible, but if its something that is easily achievable for you, then do it!

Water and lots of it makes a massive difference to the appearance of my skin, but especially my eye bags. Water naturally plumps out the skin, making areas like under eye bags fuller and less drawn. Whenever I'm having any sort of skin issue, I turn to water. It just makes everything right in the world again! 

I've been using the SkinPep Dark Circle Eraser* recently to combat my dark circles, and it really has been making a difference. The applicator on this is really cool. You pump Abit out of the nozzle and the round, flat shaped applicator does all the work for you. It's design works to distribute and massage the product onto the eye at area ( or orbital bone if you prefer the proper terminology!) *(Link to a free sample, if you'd like to try it out!)

The formula of this is designed to reduce puffiness, repair sun damage, improve skintone and lighten skin, most of which I agree with. If I use this at night time, my eye bags are significantly reduced by the morning, but I've also found that after a good couple of weeks usage, the whole under eye area did seem much more brighter and alive. It's only since I've been considerably lazy recently that I've noticed how good this is - because the bags are creeping back now I've not been reaching for this every day. It does recommend that you shove this in the fridge too for some extra de-puffing, but I've not tried this out. I think there's a niche in the market for a bedroom beauty fridge, 'cause ain't nobody got time to do your skincare routine in the kitchen. 

If all else fails, conceal those bad boys. I know the collection lasting perfection is a fave amoungst beauty bloggers for under eye concealing, but I really do like this alternative. The Seventeen Stay Time 18 hour concealer works really well for me, especially on my under eye area. Its creamy consistency makes it really easy to work with and I don't find it anywhere near as drying and cakey as the collection one. I select a couple of shades lighter than my skintone, which brightness the whole area and cancels out any bluish undertones. Sorted!

How do you attack your under eye baggage? 

*Disclaimer: the product(s) reviewed in this post were provided to Miniemble free of charge by the manufacturer/PR for review purposes only. I will always give my readers the most truthful and honest opinions of products on this blog.

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