Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Mix Up

We had a week of summer last week in Manchester - I'm just hoping that that wasn't it for the rest of the year. But the short splash of sun that we did have definitely put me in the mood for summer. 

I like to switch things up for summer, one because more colour and sweeter fragrances just fit with summer, but secondly, it's just not practical to slap on loads of makeup in the summer months. 

Despite it being abit gloomy as I write this, later on today I'm going to head upstairs and pull all my summer type clothes to the front of my wardrobe, get right into that summer feeling! 

Anyway, I've been switching up regular products to some more fitting to summer. 

I absolutely love this Gucci Flora fragrance for summer. Its feminine, floral and lingers for hours. I'm no good at describing perfumes, but here's what it says online - "The core of this fragrance is composed of both rose and osmanthus flower, a rare and delicate bloom originating in China." Yeah, its floral. If you ever get the chance when your popping by the fragrance counter in Boots, give this a spritz and let me know what you think. 

Highbeam is another summer essential for me. I'm of pale complexion and bronzer just looks wrong on my skin, so to get abit of a glow, I go all out for highlighting. A little smidge of this ontop of my cheekbones and on my brow bone gives a nice lift to the face, without having to go down the bronzer route. 

Revlons Lip Butters seriously have to be my favorite lip products of ALL TIME. Yep, I said it ALL TIME FAVE. I'm not mega confident when it comes to lipsticks - application can be tricky to nail down, and my lips are almost never in a good condition, but the Revlop Lip Butters don't care about all that. They can make even the flakiest, dried up lips look glorious. Their butter like formula glides on to the skin and is ridiculously easy to wear. They don't bleed or fade unevenly, and they keep the lips hydrated. What more could you want?! I've got a few of these in my stash, but I've been reaching for the colour Sorbet loads recently, a gorgeous purply pink. I definitely have to pick up some more from the range. 

I've done a full review of the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, you can read it here. But this is a long time fave of mine and something I always reach for in the warmer months. This is quite a light weight foundation, so you don't feel like its caked onto your skin, but you still get great coverage. 

I have the tiniest sample of The Balms How Bout Them Apples that I'm trying to get the most out of because I just love it that much. It's a gorgeous creamy pink blush, that isn't a powder dry finish, but leaves a slight sheen / glow on the cheeks. Used sparingly on the cheeks, it can look like a natural blush, which I adore. I love my makeup to look natural but still put together, and this if perfect for that. 

I think I need to think of a new summer pamper routine next - I can't see myself having many baths when its hot!

Have you mixed up your summer makeup bag? Let me know what you think I should try in the comments! 

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