Monday, April 6, 2015

Clayspray Treatment Masque - Perfect for Oily Skin

*Clayspray Red Clay Mineral Treatment Masque
I've recently stared a new job and the change of scenery has been playing havoc on my skin! I'm putting this down to the air con in the office creating the oily mess formally known to be my face. I've been trying out a number of things recently to try and combat the oiliness recently (lots of reviews to follow) and this face mask has been a great addition in removing the excess oil on my skin. The clayspray facemasks are differen to any other on the market, in that it contains 65% clay, whereas others like it only contain 15-20% clay. 

And you can definately tell the difference. In just one use, I felt like all the impurities, oil and general ming had been removed from my face, but it didn't feel stripped in the slightest. The formula of the mask makes it work in a way that gives areas of the skin a deep cleanse, whilst hydrating the areas that need the extra moisture. 

My  T-Zone stayed oil free for a good few days after using these and my slightly sensitiv skin had no problems with these masks at all. 

I just put this on like I woud any other mask, leave it on until it completely dries out and wash it off. I couldn't beleive that my skin felt as hydrated yet cleansed as it did. When I've used masks like this in the past, my skins always felt really tight after I've used it but not with this mask. 

If you suffer from oily skin or would like to get a good, deep cleanse of your T-Zone every now and again, you should give this a try! You can pick this up from! 

*Disclaimer: the product(s) reviewed in this post were provided to Miniemble free of charge by the manufacturer/PR for review purposes only. I will always give my readers the most truthful and honest opinions of products on this blog.

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