Monday, March 9, 2015

TOP 5: Hair Products

I don't know why but for me the change towards a new season brings new motivation to me, especially when it comes to looking after myself. I don't think I'm alone when I say that during the winter I see little to no point in styling my hair everyday, because wind and rain will undo any amazing style I created, so I tend not to bother, I'll shove it up in a bun until the next time I wash it.

But now that Spring is on its way (and the fact that I've started a new job!) all that has changed. I want to make abit more of an effort in styling my hair, let it down get more of  style going. And these 5 products are perfect for getting my hair sorted. 

I've got a massive drawer full of hair products, but I tend to go with this 5 over all the rest, Here's why. 

Frizz ease is my go to lazy day product. My mum used this on my curly frizzy hair as a kid and I've trusted it ever since. Those nights after the gym where I can't even be bothered looking at a hair dryer this comes out. I'll work a pump or two through the lengths of my hair, go to bed and wake the next day looking like I intended the messy wave look I've got going. It works really well on my frizzy hair and I know I'll use it forever! 

This is another one of them products that I reach for when I'm feeling slightly lazy and all I want is a quick blow dry. Not only does this little bottle of magic smell delicious, it smooths out the hairs cuticles which I find massively reduced the appearance of my split ends, but also significantly reduces drying time too! 

It took me a long time to get the hang of dry shampoo, but now I get it I can;t get enough of them. If you've read my blog before, you'll know I'm a fan of Urban Fudge, Their hair care range is pretty awesome, smells great and works perfectly. This dry shampoo works great to create volume and texture, which I find to be quite hard to get in my soft, fine hair. You don't get any crunchiness or residue, and it smells amazing too! 

I've done a whole post on why I love Roots, which you can read here. It's just amazing, and I think everyone should try it once! It works by stimulating the scalp and hair directly at the roots, a sensation which is really strange at first, but I like it. You're left with bouncy roots for a good few days, and stronger feeling hair too!

I was lucky enough to win this product a while back, and I'm so grateful, because other wise I would never have tried it! This creates some MEGA volume, but unlike other volumising sprays, doesn't leave your hair feeling weighed down like it has loads of product in it. I love the body it gives my hair and it still has loads of movement and shine to it too. This isn't the sort of scent I'd normally go for in hair care products. I like something fruity or floral, but this has quite a musky, sexy scent to it. Which is really quite nice! 

What are your top 5 hair products?


  1. I love the sound of these Tigi products, it sounds like you use similar stuff to what my hair needs. I have the Urban Fudge dry shampoo - it really does smell great.




  2. I hate Frizz Ease!!! But I think that might be because as a kid, I expected it to transform my hair magically and in seconds. Obviously it didn't, but now I still have a bad idea of it stuck in my head. lol! I 'm gonna give you my top five now. 1. Elvive Extraordinary Oil. It's literally the best thing I have ever bought for my hair EVER. 2. Alberto Balsam conditioners because they are so cheap, smell great and leave my hair super soft. 3. T-gel shampoo - yes, I know it absolutely stinks but it's so good for my dry scalp and when I put loads of conditioner on, you can't smell the horrid smell any longer. 4. L'Oreal Elnett hairspray 5. Anything with organ oil in!



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