Monday, March 30, 2015

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo Review

I love Lush. It's a company that doesn't play by the rules or follow conventions. It's a company with high morals that cares for the world. And it's also a company thats cares about making me smell nice, 'cause that's obviously up there with the most important things in life, isn't it? 

I'm pretty sure that the only real reason I picked this up was because it's typical of Lush. They don't do most things like anyone else, so why should they do dry shampoo like it?

On first use, it really was a blast from the past, and I know I won't be the only one who's said that. Surley you remember flipping your head and dolloping some of the old Talc in your hair, giving it a quick rub and you (thought) you were good to go? Only at the time I was completely oblivious to the fact that I had made myself look like I was prematurely going grey. Gosh, I had alot to learn!

Fast forward a few years and times have changed. Every hair brand has got it's own dry shampoo out, almost all of them aerosol based.

But the fact that this is a finely milled powder is the only thing that I compares it to Talc, because this is a pretty good product! The powder is sooo fine that it feels almost silky to the touch and absorbs any excess oil really easily. 

I've still not completely got the hang of applying this, but I've got a couple of methods that seem to be working for me. 

Method one is that I sprinkle some of this on my normal hair brush, and just brush this through my hair, but pat the brush on my roots first because this is where it's needed the most. This is the most straightforward, less messy option for application. 

Method two is to strategically pick up sections of my hair and sprinkle this into my roots, which is also quite effective, but I wouldn't do this in the clothing that I'd leave the house in. 

Method three, the most effective I must say is the flip and go to town method. Also the messist of the three.

Method 1 gives hair a light pick me up and boost of fragrance. Method two is an effective way to target specific greasy areas, and Method 4 is for them days when leaving the house is a must but washing the hair is just not an option. When used in this way it can also give you great volume too!

One of the maiin things I love about this is the smell. It's incredibly citrus-y, really refreshing and an amazing scent for this time of year. It lingers on your hair quite well throughout the day, which is one of my make or break points when it comes to hair products!

Also, really simple, but the packaging lets you know when you're about to run out. There's nothing more annoying that when you go to use a dry shampoo and there's nothing left in the can.

Oh, and it's great on the environment too!! 

A great dry shampoo, definately worth a try!

This bottle was only £3.95, a bargain if you ask me!

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