Monday, March 16, 2015

Farewell Birchbox

So, I know I said last month that I thought the February Birchbox would be my last, but after receiving an email from Birchbox giving me a choice of Benefit mascara to receive this month, I decided to stay on and see how this box would turn out.

Unfortunately, it flopped. Again. After typing out this post, I'm going to head over to Birchbox and cancel my subscription. 

When I first subscribed, I was sooo excited to get my box each month. I'd search on instagram for spoilers, eager to know what I could potentially get in my box that month. But that excitement has gone, There's not anticipation or excitement for me anymore, and any relationship without excitement isn't worth continuing. 

I'm sorry if I'm sounding abit harsh here, but does a tiny notebook and one chapter of a book really have a real place within a Birchbox subscription? And a perfume sample as one of the main 5 items is just gosh darn ridiculous. There, I said it. 

Here's what I received within my March box: 
  • Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara Mini
  • TanOrganics Self Tanning Oil
  • Phillip Kingsley Smooth Cream
  • Janjiva Facial Scrub Cleanser
  • Catherine Malandrino Perfume Sample

Lifestyle extra - Birchbox Notepad & Penny Vincenzi - A perfect heritage chapter sample. 

To be honest, I can't even be bothered working out the box value for you. That's how uninspired I am by Bircbox right now, Yeah, I'll get use out of the mascara, and probably the Phillip Kinglsey stuff, but that will be about it. I think (for me) what's letting the box down is that Birchbox aren't taking our beauty profiles into consideration, or the monthly feedback we give. They know I've got fair skin, I'm not into tanning and prefer makeup samples over skincare, but I always get the wrong shades, tanning products and skincare or tea bags.

I'm sorry, Birchbox. We're over. 


  1. I cancelled all my beauty box subscriptions last year. Looking at the boxes since I am so pleased I did. The are never exciting or wow me & more often than not I am very disappointed.

    1. I definitely think I could spend my £12.95 on better things each month! Thanks for reading!

  2. I did exactly the same. This is the second time I've unsubscribed to birchbox. I much prefer the latest in beauty boxes now x

    1. I think I'm just giving up on all of them to be honest, and just spend the money on something I actually want! Thanks for reading :) xx

  3. I did exactly the same. This is the second time I've unsubscribed to birchbox. I much prefer the latest in beauty boxes now x

  4. I was going to sign up but it looks shit and after you saying it for a while, I definitely won't bother. Sorry for swearing. lol xxxx


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