Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beauty spring clean

I love spring cleaning. There's nothing more refreshing than decluttering, organising and starting with a fresh face (quite literally). 

Spring is a great time to do this in all aspects of your life - not just beauty and its something I pretty much do every year.

I find beauty spring cleaning just that little bit harder as being a beauty addict, over time I've collected a hell of alot of beauty products. Even though some of them are very beautiful, I don't use use it anywhere near as much as I should. Most of the stuff I hoard will be past its sell by date or its just not getting the attention it truely deserves. 

Here are my top steps for a successsful beauty spring clean

1. Check used by dates

Now I'm not massively impacted by used by dates on alot of stuff, but when it comes to certain products you sort of have to stick by them. If you opened a foundation 18 months ago and are still clinging onto it check the date. It could be that it only have 12 months on it from opening. In this time, the product could dry out, the compounds can change and react differently to your skin. So its time for it to go! Same goes for any skincare youre holding on too. Even more so infact! 

2. When was the last time you used it? And the time before that? 

If you havent used it, thought about it or missed it in the last 6 months, I think its safe to say youre probably not going to miss it if you let it go. If its still within its sell by date and got plenty left in it, give it to a friend who might like it or sell it!

3. 'I have a million dupes for this'

Do you really need 5 nail polishes all of the same colour, just from different brands? Or blushers of the same flush? No not really. Getting rid of products that look the same, or do the same creates a bit of extra space in the stash to fill with new products instead! Ha! 

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