Monday, March 30, 2015

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo Review

I love Lush. It's a company that doesn't play by the rules or follow conventions. It's a company with high morals that cares for the world. And it's also a company thats cares about making me smell nice, 'cause that's obviously up there with the most important things in life, isn't it? 

I'm pretty sure that the only real reason I picked this up was because it's typical of Lush. They don't do most things like anyone else, so why should they do dry shampoo like it?

On first use, it really was a blast from the past, and I know I won't be the only one who's said that. Surley you remember flipping your head and dolloping some of the old Talc in your hair, giving it a quick rub and you (thought) you were good to go? Only at the time I was completely oblivious to the fact that I had made myself look like I was prematurely going grey. Gosh, I had alot to learn!

Fast forward a few years and times have changed. Every hair brand has got it's own dry shampoo out, almost all of them aerosol based.

But the fact that this is a finely milled powder is the only thing that I compares it to Talc, because this is a pretty good product! The powder is sooo fine that it feels almost silky to the touch and absorbs any excess oil really easily. 

I've still not completely got the hang of applying this, but I've got a couple of methods that seem to be working for me. 

Method one is that I sprinkle some of this on my normal hair brush, and just brush this through my hair, but pat the brush on my roots first because this is where it's needed the most. This is the most straightforward, less messy option for application. 

Method two is to strategically pick up sections of my hair and sprinkle this into my roots, which is also quite effective, but I wouldn't do this in the clothing that I'd leave the house in. 

Method three, the most effective I must say is the flip and go to town method. Also the messist of the three.

Method 1 gives hair a light pick me up and boost of fragrance. Method two is an effective way to target specific greasy areas, and Method 4 is for them days when leaving the house is a must but washing the hair is just not an option. When used in this way it can also give you great volume too!

One of the maiin things I love about this is the smell. It's incredibly citrus-y, really refreshing and an amazing scent for this time of year. It lingers on your hair quite well throughout the day, which is one of my make or break points when it comes to hair products!

Also, really simple, but the packaging lets you know when you're about to run out. There's nothing more annoying that when you go to use a dry shampoo and there's nothing left in the can.

Oh, and it's great on the environment too!! 

A great dry shampoo, definately worth a try!

This bottle was only £3.95, a bargain if you ask me!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Impressed with Impress

I've been so ridiculously lazy with all things beauty recently, that painting my nails has been at the very, very bottom of my list. Luckily for me, I won a pretty amazing competition last month which included loads of packets of Impress nails.

I've seen them around plenty of times before and never been compelled to try them because I didn't think pre-glued nails would stay on for more than a couple of hours. How very wrong I was. 

These stick on nails are seriously the easiest, most hassle free nails I've ever tried in my life. The range of sizes within the pack means that there's a match for everyone. The range of styles is amazing too, with fancy designs, french tips or all over high gloss colour, you look like you've just stepped out of a nail salon when you apply these. 

The main thing about these for me is how long they stick on for. Now, I'm a messer. Whenever I have fake nails on, I'll always mess with them, bite them, tug on them and even after 5 days these were looking as good as new. They are STICK ON NAILS. No glue used, just the sticky stuff already attached to the nail and I had to pull these off on day 5 because I fancied a change. You can't make this shit up!

Whenever I wear fake nails, I always cut them down to my real nail length, because anything longer than that I it seems like I can't function. So even after having some glue removed and areas left exposed to water because of the way I'd cut them, they still managed to stay on and not budge,

Couldn't praise a pair of stick on nails more! 

Before trying these, I would have said £5.99 was far too expensive for a one off packet of nails, but seriously, these will last you for ages and look completely professional. People were asking where I had my nails done, and didn't believe me when I said they were stick ons. So £5.99 for a less than 5 min at home mani is an absolute bargain if you ask me! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Australian Body Care : Tea Tree Products

I'm always on the look out for new brands to try, and when I was approached to try out some tea tree products from Australian Bodycare, I just couldn't say no! 

I love tea tree, I use it on a daily basis on my skin to keep oil and blemishes at bay, so I didn't need to be reminded of its benefits. Perfect for oily, acne prone skin, the antiseptic properties of tea tree reduces redness and draws out all the badness from your skin, killing any bacteria from spreading, 

The thing I was most interested in was the Tea Tree Deodorant by Australian Body Care, I pretty much only use roll on's or cream sticks on my under arms to keep they hydrated and moisturised, so was intrigued to see how the Tea Tree one would work.

I don't know about you, but the smell of tea tree reminds me of that horrible head lice shampoo your mum used on you when you caught nits at school, so I wasn't exactly looking forward to smelling like nit shampoo, but I didn't actually find this happened at all.

The roll on is exactly how you'd expect, with the tea tree smell, but this didn't linger throughout the day, which was perfect for me. I love how cooling this is on the under arms - you can even use it immediately after shaving with no stinging at all. In fact, it soothed my pits after a harsh shave! 

I definitely gave this deodorant a serious test drive, Since getting this just over two weeks ago, I haven't used anything else and not once has it let me down. When I can be bothered, I'll head to the gym straight after work, and one day last week after doing a full 9 hours at the office, 1 hour at the gym and cooked my tea for 45 minutes, the other half thought I'd already had a shower because I wasn't letting off my typical smell after a workout. I kid you not, not a whiff of BO in sight, and it was a pretty intense workout! 

Never been soo impressed by a deodorant in my life. The tea tree in works to actually neutralise the odour causing bacteria, rather than just cover the body odour with a floral scent. 

The skin wash worked for me too, although I didn't enjoy using it as much as the deodorant, Like I said, the deodorant smell disappears almost instantly but the power stays behind, however, with the skin wash, if you use it on your body, the scent is just too much for me.

I have been using it regularly as I've had some red lumps and bump popping up on my shoulders, and it really has helped to reduce these. But the smell is just too overwhelming for me, so I wash myself again using another shower gel to get rid of the smell. Which is a shame. I will continue using it, because it is working on the blemishes, but I'm using a coconut one along side it too! 

I'm soo happy I had the chance to try out these products from Australian Bodycare. I've not had the urge to head back to my old roll on yet either. Think I've found a new favorite!

*Disclaimer: the product(s) reviewed in this post were provided to Miniemble free of charge by the manufacturer/PR for review purposes only. I will always give my readers the most truthful and honest opinions of products on this blog.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Farewell Birchbox

So, I know I said last month that I thought the February Birchbox would be my last, but after receiving an email from Birchbox giving me a choice of Benefit mascara to receive this month, I decided to stay on and see how this box would turn out.

Unfortunately, it flopped. Again. After typing out this post, I'm going to head over to Birchbox and cancel my subscription. 

When I first subscribed, I was sooo excited to get my box each month. I'd search on instagram for spoilers, eager to know what I could potentially get in my box that month. But that excitement has gone, There's not anticipation or excitement for me anymore, and any relationship without excitement isn't worth continuing. 

I'm sorry if I'm sounding abit harsh here, but does a tiny notebook and one chapter of a book really have a real place within a Birchbox subscription? And a perfume sample as one of the main 5 items is just gosh darn ridiculous. There, I said it. 

Here's what I received within my March box: 
  • Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara Mini
  • TanOrganics Self Tanning Oil
  • Phillip Kingsley Smooth Cream
  • Janjiva Facial Scrub Cleanser
  • Catherine Malandrino Perfume Sample

Lifestyle extra - Birchbox Notepad & Penny Vincenzi - A perfect heritage chapter sample. 

To be honest, I can't even be bothered working out the box value for you. That's how uninspired I am by Bircbox right now, Yeah, I'll get use out of the mascara, and probably the Phillip Kinglsey stuff, but that will be about it. I think (for me) what's letting the box down is that Birchbox aren't taking our beauty profiles into consideration, or the monthly feedback we give. They know I've got fair skin, I'm not into tanning and prefer makeup samples over skincare, but I always get the wrong shades, tanning products and skincare or tea bags.

I'm sorry, Birchbox. We're over. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Straight n go

Straight 'N' Go* - £9.99 -

I'm starting off the week with a pretty nifty hair gadget I was lucky enough to be sent a week or so ago. I'd seen things like this floating around the market for a while now, but I hadn't much about them, so didn't think it wa worth me giving them ago. But, spring is on it's way, and I'm pretty sure I can't get away with having my hair thrown up in a messy bun for the rest of the summer. 

Basically, what makes this special is the ceramic plates within the brush that straightens your hair whilst your blow drying, so theres no need to use straighteners on your hair too! Perfect for those (like me) worried about the impact of heat on the hair. 

And truth is, whilst it might look like a faff and abit of a gimmick, it really does work. Like soo much more than you'd imagine. It takes abit of getting used to, having to clamp your hair between each of the plates, but the effects are totally worth it.

The bristles are really quite smooth, and work amazingly well ad smoothing out your hair, making it lovely and glossy when it's dry.                                                                                                                 

The plates themselves have little holes in them , making it really easy for air to circulate around the hair, speeding up drying time. 

The first time I tried this out, my hair was left lovely and soft, with definate volume. It really did feel like I'd had a professional blow dry! And that was on my first try. After quite a few uses, I've really got the hang of it, and haven't so much as looked in the direction of my straighteners since! 

This nifty little gadget is perfect for soo many different reasons - if you're going on holiday and don't want to pack your straighteners or if you're trying to reduce how much heat your using on your hair. Skipping the straighteners won't matter when you blow dry with these! 

You can pick these up for £9.99 from If I were you, I'd head over to there right now! 

*Disclaimer: the product(s) reviewed in this post were provided to Miniemble free of charge by the manufacturer/PR for review purposes only. I will always give my readers the most truthful and honest opinions of products on this blog.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beauty spring clean

I love spring cleaning. There's nothing more refreshing than decluttering, organising and starting with a fresh face (quite literally). 

Spring is a great time to do this in all aspects of your life - not just beauty and its something I pretty much do every year.

I find beauty spring cleaning just that little bit harder as being a beauty addict, over time I've collected a hell of alot of beauty products. Even though some of them are very beautiful, I don't use use it anywhere near as much as I should. Most of the stuff I hoard will be past its sell by date or its just not getting the attention it truely deserves. 

Here are my top steps for a successsful beauty spring clean

1. Check used by dates

Now I'm not massively impacted by used by dates on alot of stuff, but when it comes to certain products you sort of have to stick by them. If you opened a foundation 18 months ago and are still clinging onto it check the date. It could be that it only have 12 months on it from opening. In this time, the product could dry out, the compounds can change and react differently to your skin. So its time for it to go! Same goes for any skincare youre holding on too. Even more so infact! 

2. When was the last time you used it? And the time before that? 

If you havent used it, thought about it or missed it in the last 6 months, I think its safe to say youre probably not going to miss it if you let it go. If its still within its sell by date and got plenty left in it, give it to a friend who might like it or sell it!

3. 'I have a million dupes for this'

Do you really need 5 nail polishes all of the same colour, just from different brands? Or blushers of the same flush? No not really. Getting rid of products that look the same, or do the same creates a bit of extra space in the stash to fill with new products instead! Ha! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

TOP 5: Hair Products

I don't know why but for me the change towards a new season brings new motivation to me, especially when it comes to looking after myself. I don't think I'm alone when I say that during the winter I see little to no point in styling my hair everyday, because wind and rain will undo any amazing style I created, so I tend not to bother, I'll shove it up in a bun until the next time I wash it.

But now that Spring is on its way (and the fact that I've started a new job!) all that has changed. I want to make abit more of an effort in styling my hair, let it down get more of  style going. And these 5 products are perfect for getting my hair sorted. 

I've got a massive drawer full of hair products, but I tend to go with this 5 over all the rest, Here's why. 

Frizz ease is my go to lazy day product. My mum used this on my curly frizzy hair as a kid and I've trusted it ever since. Those nights after the gym where I can't even be bothered looking at a hair dryer this comes out. I'll work a pump or two through the lengths of my hair, go to bed and wake the next day looking like I intended the messy wave look I've got going. It works really well on my frizzy hair and I know I'll use it forever! 

This is another one of them products that I reach for when I'm feeling slightly lazy and all I want is a quick blow dry. Not only does this little bottle of magic smell delicious, it smooths out the hairs cuticles which I find massively reduced the appearance of my split ends, but also significantly reduces drying time too! 

It took me a long time to get the hang of dry shampoo, but now I get it I can;t get enough of them. If you've read my blog before, you'll know I'm a fan of Urban Fudge, Their hair care range is pretty awesome, smells great and works perfectly. This dry shampoo works great to create volume and texture, which I find to be quite hard to get in my soft, fine hair. You don't get any crunchiness or residue, and it smells amazing too! 

I've done a whole post on why I love Roots, which you can read here. It's just amazing, and I think everyone should try it once! It works by stimulating the scalp and hair directly at the roots, a sensation which is really strange at first, but I like it. You're left with bouncy roots for a good few days, and stronger feeling hair too!

I was lucky enough to win this product a while back, and I'm so grateful, because other wise I would never have tried it! This creates some MEGA volume, but unlike other volumising sprays, doesn't leave your hair feeling weighed down like it has loads of product in it. I love the body it gives my hair and it still has loads of movement and shine to it too. This isn't the sort of scent I'd normally go for in hair care products. I like something fruity or floral, but this has quite a musky, sexy scent to it. Which is really quite nice! 

What are your top 5 hair products?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Best brows ever! Soap and glory Brow archery review

I never really undersood why all of a sudden brows are sooo important. Its a hairy bit of your face, why would we focus on them as a significant part of the face? It just didn't make sense to me. 

All I wanted from my brows is for them to be neat and tidy and hope that by the time I hit 60 I don't hve crazy old man eyebrows! Here's still to hoping!

But the buzz around this did drag me in, and I had to give it ago. Now I'm a massive eyebrow convert, I totally understand why if you find a good brow product you should never let it go! 

In the blogging world, Soap and Glory's Brow Archery is said to be a perfect dupe for a rather expensive high end brow stick, but I'm not going to say that. This little beauty needs its own praise, and doesn't need to be compared to anything else to build a reputation. It really is just amazing! 

The Brow Archery comes double ended, one end is one of the nices spoolies I've ever seen (Who'd have thought I'd ever say that about a spoolie?!) The spoolie is slimmer than any I've ever seen, which is perfect for grooming your brows into the shape you want before you go in with the crayon end. 

The crayon end is seriously amazing! It's ridiculously tiny, so its ideal for creating tiny hair like lines for a completely natural look. The consistency is perfect too, hard enough that it doesn't snap, or that you use too much product, but soft enough for a really flawless natural look. You'll have to work pretty hard to get some scouse brows with this! 

As far as I'm aware, the shade range in the brow archery is pretty good too. I use the darker shade ( I want to say hot chocolate, but I'm really not sure) which is prefect for my dark brown hair, but I think that depending on the pressure you use, you can deepen or lighten the shade as you go.

Have you tried this before? If not, you really do need to!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting out of my Comfort Zone

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Wet N Wild  - Comfort Zone

I've been loving switching up my makeup routine recently. I don't know what it is, but something's changed within me and I'm really enjoying makeup soo much more.

Generally I play it safe when it comes to eyes - I reach for my Naked 2 Palette over and over again going for the same looks and never really changing anything, but recently I've been reaching for this little gem of a palette.

I picked this up last summer when I was on holiday in Lanzarote - I've never seen Wet n Wild in the UK but I know you could get this offline pretty easily. It was less than £10 if I remember correctly and really its amazing for that price.

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette

The shadows in this palette are just divine. A buttery smooth consistency, they glide on to the lid like a dream. Pigmentation is actually some of the best I've ever experienced in shadows - they really did blow me away,

You can get quite a few looks with this palette. The range of shades is quite neutral, but with a little extra something. I normally go for a light, nudey look which this caters perfectly too, but I've pushed my boundaries with deeper, sexy smoked out eyes and and even incorporated the gorgeous green shade into a subtle smokey eye look - It works perfectly with Paler skintones. The darker shades work really well as smudged out liner too.

Overall, a pretty amazing palette - I've linked an amazon store above where it's being sold for under £7. I'm going to pick up some of the other palettes in this range, I know I won't be disappointed.
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