Friday, February 27, 2015

Top 5 : Lips

I don't know what it is about this time of year. I start to come out of hybernation, see more sunlight and feel better in myself. When this happens, I tend to start putting more of an effort into my makeup. 

Instead of just throwing on a base and some mascara, I actually think about lips, blusher and even my nails! 

For me I stay pretty safe when it comes to lips. I don't tend to reapply something throughout the day, or if I do, I want something that's quick and easy to do, without the need of a mirror, These are my TOP 5 lip products to see me through to Spring. 

First off I love Carmex. Perfect for this time of year where if you don't look after your lips they can soon become chapped and flakey. I like to use a thin layer of this before I apply my lip colour to moisturise, but I also find that colour tends to last longer on top of this.

I also love Coralista from Benefit - a nice juicy pink shade that's really easy to wear and brightens up the whole face. It's really moisturising too which is great.

I also LOVE Revlons lip offerings, Their Lip Butters are soo simple and easy to use, super moisturising and amazing pigmentation in one swipe. Even with the brightest colours in this range, I find it difficult to smudge or smear them. They sit perfectly on the lips and don't budge for a really long time. I also love the Colourburst Balm Stain crayons - amazing colour range, amazing finish in both the gloss and matte finishes and stay on for an age. Revlon have some of the best lip products around - I really can't fault them!

Last but certainly not least is the Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil. This pencil is absolutely amazing - I wish these were easier to pick up in the UK. Super long lasting, highly pigmented and moisturising. This shade is a little darker than my natural lip colour which is what makes it so easy to wear. 

What are you top 5 lip products? 

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