Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Simple skin fixer (you probably already have)

Sudocrem* That trusted cream all mums used on us as kids when we scraped out knees, got prickled by some nettles and stung by a bee. As a kid, there was nothing my mum didn't whip this cream out for. But as an adult, this medical way of using Sudocrem has been all I've had in my mind. I'd heard the rumours that Sudocrem could be used as a wonder cream to solve a number of beauty problems, but I didn't listen to any of them. That thick, greasy cream that leaves white coatings over everything it touches, and smells a little gross? That can't be beauty's little bargain secret, can it? 

I was asked if I wanted to try out a bottle of Sudocrem and put its beauty claims to the test, and for the sake of product testing for my blog, I thought I'd give it ago. 

I was expecting to be sent a new beauty version of the dream, but hope, bog standard Sudocrem skin care cream dropped through my letter box and I cracked it open that very night. 

I'd been suffering from hormonal / stress related breakouts on my chin and scaly thick skin on my forehead (no doubt due to too much heating in the car) so there were a few things I could use the cream for to test drive. 

I slathered a thin layer of this all over my face, with a little added extra across my chin area and climbed in bed, Yes, I looked like a ghost and I got a rather confused look from Dan, but I've looked weirder so he didn't question it much. 

I woke up to pretty surprising results. The problem areas had massively been affected - the scaly skin had almost completely disappeared, and the redness and size of my breakouts had massively reduced, They hadn't completely disappeared, and I wasn't expecting a miracle, but I was amazed by the results. 

I've been using it here and there ever since - even Dan's picked it up to sort out some of his dry patchy skin. 

All from a £1.99 bottle of skincare cream. Why hadn't I tried this out earlier?? 

*Disclaimer: the product(s) reviewed in this post were provided to Miniemble free of charge by the manufacturer/PR for review purposes only. I will always give my readers the most truthful and honest opinions of products on this blog.

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