Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review : YouUnique Mascara

I honestly can't get over how amazing Christmas was for me this year. I was incredibly spoilt, especially when it came to beauty items. My lovely sister surprised me with this mascara from YouUnique and I was really excited to give it a try.

I'm not a lover of the concept of YouUnique. From what I understand it's business model is a lot like Avon -  you can only buy these in the UK from selected YouUnique representatives - correct me if I'm wrong. I had seen these floating around social networks and was even targeted using a couple of dodgy sales strategies, and while I was intrigued by the product I wasn't going to shell out for it purely because of the way some reps had approached me. 

Is that just me? Or do you sometimes feel if you push me, you're not having my custom at all? 

Anyway, onto the review...

This concept isn't new - I'm pretty sure Too Faced do a mascara system similar to this and of course recent brow gel such as Gimme Brow use this type of technology to add volume to brows. 

The procedure is a 3 step one - Mascara - Fibers - Mascara. 

You get a mascara with a regular bristle wand, and a separate tube with the fibers in it.

On it's own, the mascara itself it pretty good anyway. It's a little wet for my liking, but this will soon dry out. It creates great length, good separation and decent volume - great for an every day eye. But The reason I wouldn't use this every day is because after more and more use it will become 'contaminated' with the little fibers. 

After one good coating of the lashes, you move on to the fibers. 

The fibers are pretty good too. They come in a slightly smaller mascara bottle and are packed on to the regular mascara spoolie - so application is really straight forward to be honest. You apply this on newly applied mascara so the fibers can cling on while the first coat of mascara is drying. I find it really easy to build up the volume if you need too, but it can be easy to create some clumps at this stage. No need to massively worry, because I find another coat of masacara to set can smooth these out when using a strategic hand! 

After a second coat, you've got some pretty voluminous eyelashes going on. For me, this definitely isn't an every day look, but a go-to for nights out! I'm rubbish at applying eyelashes, so this is a very welcome addition to my makeup collection!

Have you tried this mascara? Or others like it? What did you think?

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  1. Sounds really good, thanks for the review x



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