Monday, January 26, 2015

Evening Skincare Routine

My evening skincare routine is a little bit more extensive than my morning routine. Not only do I want to take my makeup off, I want to relax, take off the day and chill out for the evening.

I don't always take off my makeup as soon as I walk through the door, but this really is a habit I need to get myself into. Having makeup on my face for more than 10 hours a day is just too much. It's like taking your bra off - you love how you look when its on, but can't wait for the release when its off. #girlproblems

Anyway, to start off my makeup removal I use the Origins Well Off Fast and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. This really is great - it feels just like water but miraculously removes even waterproof mascara with complete ease. No rubbing or dragging required!

I then go in and take the rest of my makeup off using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This stuff is just perfect - gentle as if just water, but its ability to break down even the most packed on makeup is amazing. And you get so much in the bottle for £4.99 too!

Now onto the really exciting bit - cleanser. I'm sooo late on the bandwagon, I KNOW. But I've been loving using The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. This is great for applying straight onto a full face of makeup, but I like to use this after I've removed my makeup to make sure I've got every last little bit off and to give my skin a really nice, deep cleanse. Massaging this into the skin is like a mini facial, it helps to get the blood flowing and get's down really deep in to my pores and clears them. I wash this off using a warm, damp flannel and afterwards my skin feels smooth, clean and fresh.

Sometimes, I'll follow this up with a 3rd cleanse using my MySpa facial cleansing brush - you can see a full review on this here. I only tend to use this brush 3-4 times a week when I feel things are beginning to get abit congested and I need some exfoliation.

Moving on to the good stuff. I think the favorite bit about skincare for everyone has got to be the serum / moisturiser steps! Toner is a must for me at the moment - I've been tackling break outs like nobody's business and I find the Tight Effect Toner from  Dr Jart works wonders and reducing oil. I've also been loving the Argan Oil Night Repair Serum, it sinks into the skin like a dream! To top everything off I reach for my Origins Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Moisturiser. This works perfectly at hydrating the skin and tackling dry patches that I'm prone to at this time of the year!

I love reading about peoples skincare routines - It definitely gives me inspiration to try out something new or in a different way! 

Leave me links to your skincare routines below so I can check them out!

Until next time, Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January Birchbox Review : Womans Health

This months Birchbox is an absolute cracker! In November time I was seriously considering cancelling my subscription, but the last couple of months boxes have blown me away.

Quite fitting for January, this months box was sponsored by Women's health, with the contents of the box reflecting a new year, new you. 

Here's what I got in my January Birchbox... 

Stila Lip Glaze in Glow - FULL SIZE - £15
Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner -  Approx Value £1.70
REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - Value £5.10
HealGel Body - Value £1.97
Activebod - Value £1
Embrace Matcha Green Tea - Value 99p

Lifestyle Extra - Birchbox Pilates Band - £7.99

Overall Value = £33.75

See what I mean about this being a great box? It's got the elements of fitness, renewal and general pick me up written all over it. I love the Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioner  - it the perfect size for my gym bag, and smells amazing - just like the rest of the range. Same goes for the ActiveBod Shower Gel. Mini's like this are perfect for a quick shower after a swim or the gym! 

I was super excited to see some skin care brands in the box that I really wanted to try out. Both REN and HealGel have been on my radar for a while, but I've not picked anything up from them because of the price. I can't wait to try them out! 

The tea sample does nothing for me, I don't drink tea. But I'll pass it on to someone who does.

I love Stila at the moment, and this lip glaze is perfect. I add it over the top of a lip colour on the center of my lips to give that fuller look! 

The lifestyle extra is also an interesting one. I've never tried a Pilates band before, but I'm definitely going to give it a go!

Overall, another great box!

Are there any other subscription boxes you think I should be trying out? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Morning Skincare Routine

You may have seen in this post that I'm starting to focus abit more on my skin care, in particular, setting up a proper skincare routine to stick by in order to improve my skin.

My morning routine is pretty simple. I double cleansed the night before (post to follow) so all I need to do in the mornings is wash the night away and wake up my skin

And what normal person has the time to do a 6 step cleansing routine at 6.30am ? Ain't nobody got time for that! 

I started this particular combo at the start of the month and I'm really loving it. 

First off, I use a generous pump of the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Energising Gel Wash and massage it into damp skin. I find this clears my skin of any overnight oil, leaves it feeling really nice and clean without feeling stripped. And the scent really does give me an energy boost - exactly what I need to get me going first thing in the morning.

I rinse this off my face with a nice splash of cold water to tighten everything up, sooth puffy eyes and wake myself up abit. 

The next step & a great accompaniment to the citrus scent of the gel face wash, I moisturise using the Origins GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturiser. This gel like moisturiser works perfectly for me in the morning. It's light so sinks in to the skin really quickly and gives me the right amount of moisture to see me through the day. The scent is citrus too, which I absolutely love! 

This creates the perfect fresh base for my makeup, wakes me up and is massively helping my dull, lackluster skin come to life abit!

What's your morning skincare routine?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review : YouUnique Mascara

I honestly can't get over how amazing Christmas was for me this year. I was incredibly spoilt, especially when it came to beauty items. My lovely sister surprised me with this mascara from YouUnique and I was really excited to give it a try.

I'm not a lover of the concept of YouUnique. From what I understand it's business model is a lot like Avon -  you can only buy these in the UK from selected YouUnique representatives - correct me if I'm wrong. I had seen these floating around social networks and was even targeted using a couple of dodgy sales strategies, and while I was intrigued by the product I wasn't going to shell out for it purely because of the way some reps had approached me. 

Is that just me? Or do you sometimes feel if you push me, you're not having my custom at all? 

Anyway, onto the review...

This concept isn't new - I'm pretty sure Too Faced do a mascara system similar to this and of course recent brow gel such as Gimme Brow use this type of technology to add volume to brows. 

The procedure is a 3 step one - Mascara - Fibers - Mascara. 

You get a mascara with a regular bristle wand, and a separate tube with the fibers in it.

On it's own, the mascara itself it pretty good anyway. It's a little wet for my liking, but this will soon dry out. It creates great length, good separation and decent volume - great for an every day eye. But The reason I wouldn't use this every day is because after more and more use it will become 'contaminated' with the little fibers. 

After one good coating of the lashes, you move on to the fibers. 

The fibers are pretty good too. They come in a slightly smaller mascara bottle and are packed on to the regular mascara spoolie - so application is really straight forward to be honest. You apply this on newly applied mascara so the fibers can cling on while the first coat of mascara is drying. I find it really easy to build up the volume if you need too, but it can be easy to create some clumps at this stage. No need to massively worry, because I find another coat of masacara to set can smooth these out when using a strategic hand! 

After a second coat, you've got some pretty voluminous eyelashes going on. For me, this definitely isn't an every day look, but a go-to for nights out! I'm rubbish at applying eyelashes, so this is a very welcome addition to my makeup collection!

Have you tried this mascara? Or others like it? What did you think?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Budget Alternative to the Clarisonic - MySpa Facial Cleansing Brush

 MySpa Facial Cleansing Brush £24.99

I am all about skincare at the moment. At the end of the day, you can buy all the high end makeup you want - if you skin is in a bad condition no makeup will hide that. That's my thoughts anyway. It's just logical to look after your skin. The nicer your skin looks the less makeup you will need. And for me, less is definitely more. 

I'm going to start off my skincare series with a review of a little budget beauty gadget. My lovely Mum actually got this for me for Christmas and I was sooo surprised when I opened it! I've wanted one like this for too long and it really was a wonderful surprise.

The whole point of this gadget is to exfoliate, polish and smooth the skin. Something I just don't do enough! The bristles are stiff yet super gentle on the skin, and aided by the vibrating action after just one go my skin felt smooth and completely cleansed. Generally I'll take all my makeup off, then go in for a second cleanse with this. I'll add a drop of a foaming cleanser I have around and work this all over my face, focusing on my nose and chin area as I feel these areas are the worse for build up and grime. 

This has particularly helped me recently after having a number of break outs. It helps to pull out any impurities in the skin and buff away the nasty dry and flakey patches of skin that are left behind after a flare up.

The MySpa Facial Cleansing Brush is waterproof too, so you can use it in the shower for a really deep cleans while you're all steamy. It says that it's suitable for every day use, however, I only use this 3-4 times a week and I feel that's more than enough to help get rid of build up in my skin. 

I absolutely love this! A great pamper addition, and really affordable too. It's really straight forward to use, simple to clean and has a nifty little stand to I can keep it on the side in my bathroom for easy access!

Have you tried this? Or do you have a Clarisonic?

Friday, January 9, 2015

REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur Primer


Priming at this time of the year is always difficult for me. My skin is all different kinds of messed up. Dull, dry, oily - a nightmare basically. I find it difficult to get a base that looks smooth and flawless because I have foundations clinging to dry patches of skin and sliding off my oily T-Zone, whilst desperately trying to cover up deep eye bags and dead like skin.

This is a pretty decent primer to fight all of those things. I find the gel / cream like consistency really easy to deal with - I rub it in to my skin just like I would a moisturiser and it doesn't take too long to settle. 

I find this works as a slight pick me up, evens out pores and bumps on the skin, moisturises the dry areas and acts like a bonding agent on any oily areas. Whilst the effects aren't mind blowing, it does a pretty good job, and out of all of the primers I own, I have been reaching alot for this this winter. 

I'm really enjoying discovering Maybelline products at the moment, it wasn't a brand I'd reach for, but my makeup stash seems to be growing with all things Maybelline.

Have you tried this primer?

What did you think of it?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow - £2.99

I think 2015 is the year I invest a little bit more in my brows. By that, I mean tweeze them more than once every 2 weeks. And get some decent tweezers. 

I only have a couple of issues when it comes to brows. 1. It hurts to keep them in check. 2. I'm naturally blonde but have dyed brown hair.

 So all I really need from brow products is something to tame and darken. I'm not bothered about making sparse areas thicker, or creating an ultra sculpted look.

This eyebrow pencil  from Maybelline for me is just perfect. The colour, Soft Brown, is spot on for my dark hair colour, the formula glides on like a dream and really helps to deepen my brows without looking waxy or drawn on.  

The spoolie is a life saver too. If I ever get over excited on the colour front, I just whip this through to help disperse extra product, but its also great at putting little stray hairs in place too.

The formula might not be suited for everyone as it is super soft and super creamy - for someone looking to draw individual hairs in I'd say that this isn't the way to go. For someone like me who just needs to add abit of shape but more so colour to the brows, definitely give this a go. For £2.99, what have you got to loose? 

I've been really impressed with alot of stuff by Maybelline of late and I'm excited to see if were getting any new launches from this brand in 2015! 

Have you tried this pencil before?

What did you think? 

Monday, January 5, 2015

December Birchbox 2014

Listen, I know this is a little late, but I think for everyone December was very much a complete blur. So I know this is coming at you a little late, but I know people do like seeing what I receive in my Birchbox. 

December was a pretty good month I think. 2 Full sized products, a mini of my fave highlighter and some new products and brands to try. Here's what I received: 

Ilsci Organics Gel Mask. This is a really unusual mask. I got the rose scent, which is quite nice. It's a gel consistency as the name would suggest with little bits in. While there's probably only enough in the pot for one application, I love face masks so I'll definitely be slapping this on and having a chill one day soon! I'm going to guesstimate the value at around £3 because I'm not completely sure on the size of the sample. A full size 50ml pot retails for £30.

Next up is the Electric Hair Electric Hydrate Shampoo. This is said to have a nourishing, moisture rich formula, so I'm excited to try this out. Now I'm swimming much more, this is a perfect size to throw in my bag for a couple of uses. Another guesstimate at £1 for this sample. 

Next up, exclusive to Birchbox we got a mini Benefit Cosmetics Cracker with a tiny High Beam inside. This is one of the handiest samples in the box. I absolutely love this highlighter, by far it is my favorite! I'm guessing the value of this to be £4.50. Even though its mini it will last a really really long time! 

We also got a tiny little vial of Trilogy Rosehip Oil which I've used before in the past and I think it disagrees with my skin. But still, not a bad addition for newbies to the brand. This sample value is around the £2 mark.

On to the full size products in the box. This month I received an Eyeko Fat Eye stick - Value £8 and a Models Own Nail Polish - Value £5, both that on initial swatch I am impressed with and can't wait to try out. 

Over all a pretty good box. I have had a gander at the January box and I must say, it looks pretty amazing! 

That post will be up very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Cool Fix Works!

Review of Shaveworks the cool fix

On first glance, this might seem a little out of place here on Miniemble, but I know you guys need to hear about this, so lets get on with it, shall we?

I have struggled with shaving rashes all my life, and me and my bestie often have talked about how we longed for smooth legs with no bumps, redness or itching. I'm almost certain we're not alone in our struggles. 

I received this in a Birchbox a couple of months ago, and initially I was abit 'what the hell is this' but once I gave it a go, I realised Birchbox had uncovered a hidden gem!

Basically,  The Cool Fix is a cooling gel like liquid you smooth on after shaving. Its ingredients of glycolic and salicylic acid work as exfoliators to remove dead skin cells that cause ingrown hairs, and the cooling sensation helps to remove the itch and redness.  You never thought shaving could be so sci-ency and complex did you? But it really does work a dream.

After the first use of this, I saw a dramatic difference in the state of my 'shaved areas'. No bumps or redness to be seen. Smoother than a babies bottom.  The cooling sensation is something I still need to get used to, but I find that after 5 - 10 mins the product has completely sunk in and I can slather on my body lotion as normal.

Definitely worth a try for ladies who struggle with shaving rashes, ingrown hairs and redness after shaving!

Have you tried this before? What did you think of it?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all my lovely followers who have done nothing but motivate me to carry on blogging this year!  

There's been times this year that I've gone missing for a while and really struggled to come up with new post ideas, but it is down to you lovely lot that I stuck at it. Thank you!  

Every last one of you, I appreciate. Thanks for reading my words, commenting and making the effort to follow my posts. I am forever grateful! 

I have some blog goals for 2015, to become more creative with my content, improve my photography and get more involved with my readers. I hope I don't disappoint!  

So, thanks again for sticking around. I hope for you 2015 brings joy and happiness to your lives. Go easy on yourself, smile and seize every opportunity!  See you in my next post! Love you always! 
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