Friday, December 12, 2014

So Maybelline, you have my attention.

Maybelline The Erase Review

Maybelline is a brand I haven't dabbled with much since my teenage years, but word in the blog world is they are becoming pretty darn good. I've recently read concealer and lipstick crayons from Maybelline and pretty close to that of Nars products. I've even read some people say that these products might even be better.,,

So Maybelline, you have my attention.

I haven't read too many posts surrounding this particular product, but when watching my favourite Youtuber - Estee from Essie Button -  I noticed her use this over and over and over again. 

I have a pretty big problem when it comes to eye bags. But the skin under my eyes is also quite dry and recently the regular heavy duty under eye concealer I normally turn too just wasn't working anymore. So having a browse in my local Boots, I thought I'd give this a whirl.

The applicator itself looks like it could get abit gross, it's not exactly the most hygienic. But to be honest, I only use this on my eye bags, so how much bacteria am I going to get on it? 

The applicator actually works amazingly well too, it helps to get the product right into fine lines, gives a really smooth and even application and doesn't tug the gentle skin under your eyes. It blends out seamlessly, (I actually use a Real Techniques Contour Brush for this) brightens and smooths out the whole under eye area and is a perfect match for my foundation. 

I love how corrective it is on my seriously blue areas under my eyes. It seems to stay put too, 
As I said in my last post, I have really sensitive eyes and I find it quite difficult for makeup on and around my eyes because they tend to water, but this stays even through the most watery of eyes. Brilliant!

I have my eyes set on the Colour Drama lip pencils next from Maybelline. 

Do you have any other Maybelline recommendations for me? 

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