Monday, December 8, 2014

New Favourite Dry Shampoo : Dry Bar Detox

I HATE IT when I fall in love with an expensive, hard to get hold of product, but that is exactly what's happened here. My dad picked me up this dry shampoo in a gift set when he went to America (you can see what I got here) and this was on of the things in the set, I didn't think that I'd use this much, I'm not a massive dry shampoo girl and my can of Batiste normally lasts months. Turns out I'm now a dry shampoo convert. 

First off, the smell of this is gorgeous. It's slightly musty and floral, and lingers around all day. This works absolutely amazingly on my fine fly away hair. A blast of this absorbs any excess oils and leave the hair feeling amazingly clean, bouncy and full. And this stuff really makes my styles last too. When using this, I can drag out a style for a good few days. You don't any white residue either - great for dark haired gals like me. 

I'm seriously considering purchasing the full size of this. If anyone out there knows where I can pick this up in the UK let me know!

Have you tried out anything else from Dry Bar? 

What else should I try?

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