Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Budget VS High End : HD Powders

I'm a cheapskate at heart. If I can save a few bob on anything, I really will go out of my way to make it happen. I've been a lover of the ELF High Definition Powder for a very long time, and when the Make Up Forever HD Powder landed on my lap, I had to compare them.

PRICE - Winner ELF

Like I said, generally for me, price is one of the most important factors - especially when it comes to makeup. Makeup really is just a luxury, and a girls gotta pay the bills.  On comparison, ELF wins by a mile here, at just £6.95 FOR 8g of product, Make Up Forever comes in at nearly 4 times as much! I'm a true believer in that the saying 'you get what you pay for' just isn't true when it comes to makeup products. You can get some really amazing pieces for peanuts.

I must say, I am a sucker for luxurious packaging. The Make Up Forever packaging, whilst simple, feels so much more luxurious. It's glossy and sleek, and the clear bottom helps you to see exactly how much product you have left. Inside, it dispenses just the prefect amount of powder too. However, I am judging this based on the mini size, I'm not too sure how the full size version differs. 
The ELF packaging is good, I just find it a little clumpy. I do feel like the lid spins off a little too easily for my liking, and that if I were to carry this around in my bag I do feel like I'd had a powder explosion. I also feel like it does dispense a little too much product too. 

PERFORMANCE - It's a Draw!

Now this category really is a toughie. Both work incredibly well at giving the face a soft focus glow. The powder is extremely finely milled in both, but I think the Makeup Forever is just that little bit finer and that little bit softer. I tend to use these on the days where I know I'll be out all day, or if I'm doing something a little bit fancy. If I'm looking for something to set and mattify my skin for a long amount of time, its the ELF option I reach for. I just find that this one last that little bit longer. The Make Up Forever HD Powder is prefect at setting areas such as my under eye - it stops any creasing or budging going on, but I find that it doesn't last as long on places like my T-ZONE. But on the flip side of that, if I were to get a little heavy handed with the ELF powder I could get a little cakey and ghostly looking. 

It really depends on whats more important to you. At the moment Its nice to have both options in my life. Would I depart with £22 of my hard earned cash for a full size of the Make Up Forever option? I'm really not sure. But the ELF High Definition Powder will ALWAYS be in my makeup stash!

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