Thursday, November 13, 2014

Life Lessons - The Big Move

So, I've been a little MIA this last week or so, but to be fair, I think I have a pretty okay excuse. I moved house. Me and the other half bought our first house together and got the keys last Monday, and let me tell ya, these last two weeks have been HARD

We had it all planned out. Keys on Monday. Finish decorating by Thursday. Move in by Friday and Bob's your uncle. It did pretty much go to that sort of plan - were not completely decorated or completely unpacked. What we are is exhausted and hiding away from the pile of unpacked bags in the spare room we've yet to tackle. 

But you know what? That's OKAY.  

We're in our own little home now, and no, It might not be how we want it immediately, but that's okay. Right now, for us, its perfect. It's a place for us to kick off our shoes when we walk through the door. A place for us to relax, judge people on crap reality TV and talk about the future. A place we can call and make HOME

And that's one of the life lessons moving house has taught me - all things come in good time. Our expectations were unrealistic to think we would have everything done immediately - it's just not physically possible. And that's something other people need to take on board too. I've been quite offended by people picking things out of my home - silly little things like "Oh aren't you painting that?" or "Oooo that's quite old that, you could have problems.".  So what if you don't like our little house, that we can't afford new carpet yet, or you don't like that being there - it's our little house that we love just as it is.

Another thing moving house has taught me - organisation is key. Being organised and on top of things meant we were registered with all our utility companies, had internet and TV installed and was able to move in really quickly after getting our keys. If we hadn't had a mutual understanding of a plan thing's could have got messy - but they didn't. 

Jeeze, give yourself a break. This one I learned in hindsight. We've been in for just a week now, and the majority of last week was spent decorating, packing,moving and lugging sofas around. We had NO IDEA how much this would physically take it out of us. I mean, it's midday on Thursday, I'm sat writing this on my lunch break and I know I could go home at 4 and sleep for the rest of the night. Maybe if we'd have given ourselves more time last week, we wouldn't be as tired this week. 

Lastly, enjoy it! Yes we're shattered, but this is one of the biggest things were ever going to do in our life. Our first home together - a mortgage and maybe even a cat. How grown up! This next chapter of my life is so exciting and I can't wait to see what it brings. 

I just wanted to update you on everything - Posting will resume ASAP! 

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