Thursday, November 27, 2014

Brand look : Percy And Reed

Percy & Reed Hair Care Loves!

The most important thing for me when it comes to hair care is the smell. I know that is sooo bad of me. I know I should be looking for products that add moisture, shine and strength to my hair, which I do, but the deciding factor for me is ALWAYS smell. 

And that's not the only thing Percy and Reed have got right here. 

Having great smelling hair just improves everything about my day. A slight wind and a whiff of this stuff really brightens my mood. In fact, I will pretty much sit at my desk at work with a Mistache for most of this day sniffing away. Weird habits aside, here's why I love Percy and Reed haircare. 

First off, their packaging is SO cute, but still so practical. Some brands like to make their packaging seem different to the point where you get frustrated with the wasted product, it being hard to use or its not the best shape for storage. I'm looking at you, Toni & Guy.

Secondly, their smell is the same across their range of products. And the smell is just divine. I'm not even sure how you'd describe it. It's not quite floral, but it is sweet. Like a grown up candy flavour. Marshmallow springs to mind...

The products themselves are just amazing. Believe it or not, I've acquired each of these in magazine freebies. I KNOW! Massive sample sizes that really will last a long time. I'll talk you through my first love, the finishing polish. Having quite wavy, fly away hair, this finishing polish is brilliant for me. A little bit warmed up between my palms and smoothed over my frizz makes me go from Ugly Betty to Kate Middleton in no time. (Well, not quite, but you get what I mean). This does a great job smoothing, adding shine and even softness to the hair. 

The Wonder Balm is quite similar to the finishing polish in that you can use it at the end of your style to calm, but I like to use in damp hair and blow dried. I feel it smooths out the hair, as well as adding softness and bounciness.

The No Oil Oil is perfect for someone like me, who has quite fine, fly away hair. This does the same as you'd expect from an oil. It adds glossiness and shine without weighing the hair down. All with the amazing smell of course.

This has made me want to try out the rest of the Percy & Reed range, with their dry shampoo next in my sights. 

Have you tried any Percy & Reed stuff? What do you think of it?

Monday, November 24, 2014

First impression of Benefit's They're Real! Push Up Liner.

Review of the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

Who else ran out as soon as they heard that Elle magazine was giving away a free sample of Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner? I know I'm not the only one, because it took some rummaging to find this, but I did in the end. 

I love getting magazine freebies, who doesn't? It's a great chance to bag yourself a cute mini and often try out a product that's being talked about before taking the plunge and parting with your hard earned cash.

Eyeliner has always been a  tricky one for me. Up til now, the easiest eyeliner I've used is the Eyeko one I reviewed here, and to be honest, I think it's going to stay at the top too. 

If you don't read Elle and you picked up the mag just for the freebie, you ultimately paid £4 for this sample, which in the grand scheme of things, isn't too bad. I'd personally buy 4 copies of the same magazine if it had something like the They're Real Mascara in it - which they often do. But on this occasion I was feeling a little ripped off and a lot disappointed

The sample itself was super dinky and cute, which I was fine with , but when you realise how much actual product you get, I was pretty shocked. The product in this particular sample was in the rubber end, not the plastic end, which was long and thin, so barely anything really. But still, I DID get past that and tried out a feline flick to see how easy it was to use. 

The end of the applicator is quite soft and you can feel that it will move quite easily to match the natural shape of your eye. I didn't feel like it dragged or pulled at my skin and the shape of the applicator I actually really enjoyed. It's just the formula that was a complete let down. 

I found it really dry even before it came out of the nib, making it hard not too over squeeze, resulting it tooooo much product coming out (which can be seen above). I felt like near enough as soon as I put this on my lids it dried off, leaving little to no time for you to work with it and create the look you really wanted. 

When I'd given it a good go and used up far more product that I needed, I had created a pretty good cat eye look. But I'll put that all down to the applicator, not the eyeliner formula itself. 

It was too much of a faff for me. I'll stick to my trusty Eyeko liner for now!

Has anyone tried out the Maybelline eyeliner that's supposed to be similar to this? If so, leave any review posts down below, I'd love to know how they compare!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Birchbox

I know, I know. Blogger problemz. I've not had that much time to blog recently, with the big move and all, but this is me getting back into the swing of things and bringing you a quick review of this months Birchbox

I've gotta tell ya, its a guddun. I'm absolutely over the moon with this months selection! 
This month was all about being Cosy, and I can see it from the products in the box. You've got your hair mask and nail polish for a pamper night, as well as your bronzer and eyelash enhancer getting you ready for the party season. 

I love the range of products in this months box. Here's exactly what I got:
Lifestyle Extra
Montezuma’s Organic 54% Cocoa Milk Chocolate  YUM!
First off, I love to see some chocolate in my Birchbox so thanks for that! It didn't take long for this to disappear, let me tell ya! 

Not only that, this month I received two FULL SIZE products! WOW The first full size product I received was the Dr Jart+ Tight Effect Toner. i've already fallen in love with this. This is a toner which aims to reduce the production of sebum and targets oily skin - exactly what I need at the moment. I spitz this onto a cotton pad and pat it all over my face. It's super refreshing and you can really see it work. 

I also got and OPI nail polish in the colour Turn on the Haute Light. A great colour - I don't think i have a silver in my collection. This will be great for the festive period - I might even have a go at some nail art! 

I also received two little pots of the Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Mask. I've really liked stuff I've received from the Beauty Protector in the past, so I'm pretty sure I'll love these too! 

The last two products were more make up related. A bronzer from Lord and Berry in the colour Sienna and the Jane Iredale PureLash eyelash extender. These were something I'd never even heard of so Im excited to try them out. I might have a go at a bit of contouring with this bronzer as it doesn't have any shimmer to it. The colour is also on the cooler side which is more suited to my pale skin tone. I'll be giving the Eyelash extender a go on a daily basis as I want to see if it does do anything to condition my lashes, as it claims.

 I thought this months box was absolutely brilliant! A great mix of skincare, haircare and beauty. Love it! I'll be using everything in this box too, great value for money! 

Can't wait to see what's going to be in next months box! 

What did you get in your Birchbox this month?


Monday, November 17, 2014

100 Bloglovin Followers Giveaway! - NOW CLOSED!

So this week, I hit 100 followers on Bloglovin! I know that might not seem alot to some, but to me it might as well be a million!

I find it amazing that so many people I don't even know, have never met, enjoy reading my little slice of the internet that much that they would follow my posts! It's just amazing!

I am so grateful of every single one of you, and to say thank you properly I have decided to run a little give away for you guys!

Here's what you could win!


I picked up a Soap and Glory The a Perfect Ten eyeshadow pallet which is absolutely stunning, a Ted Baker lip gloss and nail polish set in Peach Perfect and 2 No7 High Shine Lip crayons all for the lucky winner!! 

The pallet has to be the best bit. Sorry for the rubbish pictures (winter problems). The shades are just stunning! This will be going on my Christmas wish list to be honest! 


The giveaway will close on the 14th of November at 12 Noon, and I will announce the winner on both my blog and Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled!

To enter the giveaway, fill in the Rafflecoper form below. You have to follow me on Bloglovin' and can get additional entries too! See the form for more details.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is UK only ladies, sorry! Once the winner is announced, you'll have a week to get in touch with your address. Postage may be slow this time of year as it will be the run up to Christmas and I'll want you to get your prize ASAP!

Thank you so much for visiting, reading and following! 

Thank you to all that entered! The winner is Tania Pryer! Congratulations!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Life Lessons - The Big Move

So, I've been a little MIA this last week or so, but to be fair, I think I have a pretty okay excuse. I moved house. Me and the other half bought our first house together and got the keys last Monday, and let me tell ya, these last two weeks have been HARD

We had it all planned out. Keys on Monday. Finish decorating by Thursday. Move in by Friday and Bob's your uncle. It did pretty much go to that sort of plan - were not completely decorated or completely unpacked. What we are is exhausted and hiding away from the pile of unpacked bags in the spare room we've yet to tackle. 

But you know what? That's OKAY.  

We're in our own little home now, and no, It might not be how we want it immediately, but that's okay. Right now, for us, its perfect. It's a place for us to kick off our shoes when we walk through the door. A place for us to relax, judge people on crap reality TV and talk about the future. A place we can call and make HOME

And that's one of the life lessons moving house has taught me - all things come in good time. Our expectations were unrealistic to think we would have everything done immediately - it's just not physically possible. And that's something other people need to take on board too. I've been quite offended by people picking things out of my home - silly little things like "Oh aren't you painting that?" or "Oooo that's quite old that, you could have problems.".  So what if you don't like our little house, that we can't afford new carpet yet, or you don't like that being there - it's our little house that we love just as it is.

Another thing moving house has taught me - organisation is key. Being organised and on top of things meant we were registered with all our utility companies, had internet and TV installed and was able to move in really quickly after getting our keys. If we hadn't had a mutual understanding of a plan thing's could have got messy - but they didn't. 

Jeeze, give yourself a break. This one I learned in hindsight. We've been in for just a week now, and the majority of last week was spent decorating, packing,moving and lugging sofas around. We had NO IDEA how much this would physically take it out of us. I mean, it's midday on Thursday, I'm sat writing this on my lunch break and I know I could go home at 4 and sleep for the rest of the night. Maybe if we'd have given ourselves more time last week, we wouldn't be as tired this week. 

Lastly, enjoy it! Yes we're shattered, but this is one of the biggest things were ever going to do in our life. Our first home together - a mortgage and maybe even a cat. How grown up! This next chapter of my life is so exciting and I can't wait to see what it brings. 

I just wanted to update you on everything - Posting will resume ASAP! 

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