Friday, October 17, 2014

Why boob's are awesome...

I'm fairly certain that most of you lot reading there are girls or just a perv who found this randomly through a Google search...

I KID, I kid.

In case you didn't already know, BOOB'S ARE AWESOME for sooo many reasons, and this post is dedicated to celebrating how amazing those lady lumps really are. Here's my top 10 reasons why boobs rule the world.

1. Flotation device -  pretty handy while you are on holiday, especially if you are a little larger up top. These jubblies will keep you a float in rough sees, meaning you can donate your life jacket to that hopeless fella of yours.

2. FREE BABY FOOD - gotta love free stuff. After having a baby, you're going to need as much free money to go on nappies for the little shit machines, so free food is a winner!

3. Hypnotism device - spent too much money on those shoes and the other half wont be happy? Go talk to him about it in a low cut top. You DID tell him about the price tag, it's not your fault he wasn't listening.

4. Distraction device - the same sort of concept as above applies. Bad hair day? Got a spot? Get them puppies out and no one will notice whats going on in the head region.

5. FREE STUFF 4 U - I've been given free bus rides, free drinks and samples simply for having the puppies on show. Belting!

6. Storage / Transportation - Need to take 3 things into the living room, but only have 2 hands. I regularly lean back, rest the chocolate biscuit on the boobies and jobs a guddun'. You can also use bra space for hiding valuables - money, lip balm, whatever you need with easy access.

7. Pillows - although not a personal favorite, boobs are great as a form of comfort. Perfect for those with small children, but not for someone like me with a 26 year old snorer of a boyfriend!

8. Ego boost - We all know how much boys (& girls) like boobies. Feeling abit low? Go for a wander round town with one of your favorite figure hugging tops on - you'll soon feel much better!

9. Weather detectors - Step outside - If you get abit 'nippy' you know you need a coat!

10. Femininity - It's what separates us from Men. Boob's give us our woman hood, our confidence and our motherhood. 

Imagine losing them? 

This post has been abit silly, but the message is SO important. Breast cancer can have a massive impact on not only the general health of a person, but mental health too. Losing breasts can cause massive impacts to a woman OR mans confidence, self esteem and feeling of femininity or masculinity. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I wanted to remind everyone why donating to the cause is totally worth it! Women AND Men suffer from the disease and with more funding, more research can be done to support suffers and help find a cure! 

At work, we support a number of charities and of our favorite days is Wear It Pink in aid of Breast Cancer Care. Why don't you get involved? Hold a fundraising day at work or at home! Find our more about Breast Cancer Care here. 

Why do you love boobs? 

P.S Thank you to all the ladies at work for drawing me some boobies. Pretty sure some of the doodles are personal portraits! Haha!

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