Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pinterest in Reality Week 3 : EVIL PUMPKIN!

Welcome to week 4 of my Pinterest in Reality blog series! This week is craft inspired!

This series is all about seeing if what we see on Pinterest is actually possible to recreate in 'real life'. I know I'm not the only one who spends hours on end flicking through Pinterest, thinking I'll give different things a go but u never do. So over the next 8 weeks I've set myself 8 categories and each week I choose a pin and try and recreate it. You can read my full blog series intro here.

So, for craft this week I decided to do something that is a tradition for me at this time of year - Pumpkin carving. But this year, I wanted to go one extra. I love all things Halloween, and my mum actually transforms our front garden each year into a Halloween display for charity, so I thought I'd add to that this year. I picked this pumpkin to carve off Pinterest.


Here's how mine turned out!


I love it! It's so scary but not tooooo scary for the little kids. This was one of the easiest pumpkins I ever carved. I picked this Large one up from Morrison's for £2, along with some fake blood for about £1. I find it so much easier to draw out your outline on your pumpkin first before you dive right in and carve. The eyes were particularly tricky on this. I created a small incision outline around the entire eye which helped me to get underneath the skin of the iris which I wasn't removing and peel it away. I think doing this instead of cutting everything out adds another dimension to the features of your pumpkin. I've seen some AMAZING pumpkin carvings, but this is the best I can do for now! Maybe next year I'll try something more advanced!


I pulled out an old pair of jeans and chopped off a leg, filled a pair of tights with paper to pad it out and stuffed it inside the pumpkins mouth, covered it in blood and bobs your uncle!

Really cheap to do and a great way of adding decoration to your garden at Halloween!

Do you carve pumpkins at Halloween?

What did you think of this weeks post? 

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