Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Birchbox 2014

This months Birchbox was just WOW! When I saw the spoiler I was too excited to receive my box. A great theme and a great combination of products. 

This months box is in association with Coppa Feel as it is Breast Cancer awareness month, and within in the box the added a little 'How To' guide to checking your breasts. Get checking ladies! 

The theme of the box is 'Work it' - basically a box to help us get our arses into gear, get motivated and tick off some life goals before the year is out. Exactly what I need at the moment!

With Coppa Feel in mind, the box had a very Pink theme which I loved! First off, all of the products I received came in a little pink case - perfect for my handbag which is exactly where this has ended up. I do like that Birchbox sends you little bags with your products in, but this zipper bag is so much better! Anyway, lets get on to the products inside! Here's what I got!

  • Lifestyle Extra - Birchbox Pen - Value £2.50
Overall Value = £41.17

Seriously, wow! What amazing products and amazing value!  

The Balance me face balm actually has a really nice scent - I don't usually like the scent's from balance me. This has little grains in it, so exfoliates as well as cleanses. Can't wait to give this a go - and a great sample size too! 

I've tried  a couple of bits from KMS California before so I'm excited to use the Dry Wax - although I have a feeling that once Dan get's his hands on this, It'll be gone forever! 

I'm also really excited to try the Cool fix from Shaveworks - a product that aims to reduce bumps, redness and ingrown hairs after shaving! Sounds perfect for me! 

I've been using the Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum for a couple of days now and my complexion really is looking glowing. I'm having some skin troubles at the moment, but this creates a sort of soft focus glow to the face. I might have to purchase the full size!

And speaking of full sizes, this month we got a FULL SIZE lip balm from Pixi. Pixi is a brand I've always wanted to try so I'm super happy I got to try this out in my box! It really is amazing - super nourishing with a tint of colour! I'm in love!

And the lipstick shaped pen is now my blogging pen. Although a few people has looked at it and thought it was something else...If you know what I mean? Maybe it's just my family and their dirty minds!

I'm so happy with this months box and can't wait to get cracking on trying out all of the products!

What did you get in your box?


  1. This is a great value box & a good mix of brands I have tried & quite a few I haven't. I love the Balance Me Face Balm.

    1. Thanks for reading Hun! Birchbox really impressed me this month x


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