Thursday, October 30, 2014

Instablur from The Body Shop

Looking for a pore perfecting, shine
reducing, long lasting primer? Look no further!
This little beauty ticks all the boxes when it comes to what I want from a primer. 

My slightly oily skin needs something that will keep shine at bay whilst keeping my makeup in one place. This is perfect for it. The feel of it is very similar to Benefit's Porefessional, but I find Benefits much oilier than this. It has no colour, so don't expect any kind of coverage. I think this primer does a much better job than the Benefit one - *gasps*. I do love Benefit but the way that this work and the fact that it is so much cheaper is a winner for me!

It basically does what it says on the tin. This smooths over pores or fine lines to give a completely smooth base for foundation. It doesn't cling to any dry patches or settle into any lines, it's 'blur's everything to a dreamy Photoshop finish - it's just bliss. 

I can safely say that this is a staple in my makeup bag - If I know I'm going to have a long, hard day, this is definitely the one I reach for.

I can get a little too excited with this and squeeze too much out - a little really does go a long way so don't use more than you need! 

If your looking for a primer good for oily skin with a soft finish, this is definitely for you! A steal at £14 if you ask me!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sephora Haulin...

Last month my Dad went to America for a road trip with a friend and asked me if there was anything I wanted him to pick up for me. It didnt take more than a heartbeat to send a Sephora wishlist his way. 

Why don't we have Sephora in the UK? I know we can get stuff delivered here, but if we had stores here literally all of my wage would get lost in that place! Sort it out, Sephora! 

The main thing I swoon over when I'm looking over the Sephora website are the Sephora Favourite bundles. Little mixed packs of joy, containing minis of luxury brands - all of which I've never tried and some of which aren't available in the UK. I asked my Dad to look out for those, and here's what he brought back!

Spoilt, I know! What you are looking at here is $100 worth of stuff. In pounds, it works out at around £62. There is no way on earth you'd be able to buy these products in the UK for anywhere near as much as that, so the Sephora savings are off the scale! I got 21 products which work out at about £2.95 each. WOW!

Here's a look at each set individually:

Sephora Favourites : Glitz & Glam $45
"This day to night makeup collection is packed with our most glamorous party essentials in a festive metallic clutch"
This has to be my favourite out of the bunch. Within an absolutely stunning makeup bag which no takes permanent residence in my handbag, there was packed a night out look to go. I got a Benefit Watts Up Mini which I already have and love - a great addition to the collection. A FULL SIZE Deborah Lippmann nail polish in the gorgeous shade Good Girl Gone Bad, a mini bottle of the Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo, a mini Lancome Artliner, a mini Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in the shade Rose Gold,  a mini pot of the Make Up Forever HD Powder, a FULL SIZE Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Lipstick in Infared Matte, a Stila Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Dusty Rose and a gorgeous pair of Sephora false lashes in Astonish.

 WOW. I'll give you a minute to take a breath. 

This kit is just amazing - you really could do a full look out of it. I'm completely in love with the dry shampoo and I'm considering purchasing the full size. The nail polish is on my nails and toes - its the perfect Christmas sparkly berry shade! I cant wait to try everything out and report back. 

Next up...

Sephora Favourites : Draw The Line $30
This kit is all about eyeliner and is a perfect edition to my makeup collection at this time of year. Party season is in full swing and this year I'll be styling the cat eye flick at every opportunity! In the kit, you get a mini Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, a mini Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner, a Nars Cosmetics Long Wear Eyeliner, a Sephora Contour Eye Pencil, a Stila Cosmetics Stay all Day Liquid Eyeliner and a Full Size Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Double Ended Eye pencil,

I love the fact that there is a variety of liners in there - they aren't all black and they are a mixture of pencils and pens, and their applications are quite different too. I was really excited to see the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in there as I have read some really good reviews. I have also worn the Stila eyeliner quite abit recently, as the brown shade makes it much more wearable for daytime looks.

Last, but by certainly no means least...

Sephora Favorites : Give me some Lip $25
When I saw this I got a little too excited. In terms of lips, I haven't tried a single one of these brands before now and I was super excited to give them a go! In the box, you get a mini Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Meritage,  a mini Buxom Full on Lip Creme in White Russian, a mini Marc Jacobs Lust For Lacquer in Kissability, a mini Nars Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Orgasm, a mini Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked and a FULL SIZE Smashbox Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Pout. Another amazing box! I particularly like the Bite Beauty Pencil - really easy to apply and a great autumnal colour - perfect for my skintone! 

I think I'll be hitting up the Sephora website pretty soon for some Christmas gifts for friends and family. Theses really are amazing value for money and a real treat for a beauty lover!

Have you tried any of the Sephora Favourites range? 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pinterest in Reality Week 3 : EVIL PUMPKIN!

Welcome to week 4 of my Pinterest in Reality blog series! This week is craft inspired!

This series is all about seeing if what we see on Pinterest is actually possible to recreate in 'real life'. I know I'm not the only one who spends hours on end flicking through Pinterest, thinking I'll give different things a go but u never do. So over the next 8 weeks I've set myself 8 categories and each week I choose a pin and try and recreate it. You can read my full blog series intro here.

So, for craft this week I decided to do something that is a tradition for me at this time of year - Pumpkin carving. But this year, I wanted to go one extra. I love all things Halloween, and my mum actually transforms our front garden each year into a Halloween display for charity, so I thought I'd add to that this year. I picked this pumpkin to carve off Pinterest.


Here's how mine turned out!


I love it! It's so scary but not tooooo scary for the little kids. This was one of the easiest pumpkins I ever carved. I picked this Large one up from Morrison's for £2, along with some fake blood for about £1. I find it so much easier to draw out your outline on your pumpkin first before you dive right in and carve. The eyes were particularly tricky on this. I created a small incision outline around the entire eye which helped me to get underneath the skin of the iris which I wasn't removing and peel it away. I think doing this instead of cutting everything out adds another dimension to the features of your pumpkin. I've seen some AMAZING pumpkin carvings, but this is the best I can do for now! Maybe next year I'll try something more advanced!


I pulled out an old pair of jeans and chopped off a leg, filled a pair of tights with paper to pad it out and stuffed it inside the pumpkins mouth, covered it in blood and bobs your uncle!

Really cheap to do and a great way of adding decoration to your garden at Halloween!

Do you carve pumpkins at Halloween?

What did you think of this weeks post? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gimme brow...

Brows are something of a struggle for me. Truth is, I'm a wimp when it comes to tweezers, so over plucking has never really been an issue. I'm just lucky bold brows are in fashion at the moment! 

For that reason, I like to keep my brow steps quite low maintenance. My brows are quire full anyway, but disappear slightly at the ends and their colour is far too light for my dark brown hair. 

After reading alot of reviews, I turned to the Benefit Gimme Brow as a quick fix, and it definitely meets all of my brow needs.

The shade I use is medium/deep and this suits me pretty perfectly. This gel has tiny little fibers mixed in with the product so it helps to bulk out sparser areas of the brows and add more volume - not just colour. This is exactly what my sparse ends need. 

The overall finish is full but natural - sometimes you can tell when you've used a powder or pencil to bulk out areas - with this, you don't get that! 

The brush is so tiny, and its tapered end means you can place product precisely where you want it - meaning its really easy to use and to create the shape you want! 

This is really simple and easy to use - I'll only got back to using pencils and powders on special makeup days - I'm far too lazy for all that faff now!

It's priced at £17.50 - I actually got this through my Birchbox Points because I was so reluctant to spend so much on a product I didn't know worked. I have tried dupes for this like the Maybelline Brow Drama, which on comparison just don't compare! Definitely worth the investment! 

What did you think of the Gimme Brow?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pinterest in Reality week 3 :Makeup!

Welcome to week three of my Pinterest in Reality Blog Series!

This series is all about seeing if what we see on Pinterest is actually possible to recreate in 'real life'. I know I'm not the only one who spends hours on end flicking through Pinterest, thinking I'll give different things a go but u never do. So over the next 8 weeks I've set myself 8 categories and each week I choose a pin and try and recreate it. You can read my full blog series intro here.

Being a makeup addict, I love all things makeup, from looks, techniques and new products and my Pinterest is flooded with them!

This week was another hard choice, do I do a celeb inspired pin? An eye look? A full face?

Here's how I got on...  

This week's challenge was well and truly inspired by my admiration for girls with cheekbones. I definitely think the sculpted look makes a massive comeback at this time of year and I'd love to be one of them girls looking chiseled to perfection. 


To be honest, I found this both easy and hard. The hard bit was to get it to photograph so you guys could see what a difference it made to my face shape, but the steps were really straight forward and easy. 

It isn't that much of a dramatic look for me if I'm honest - I can't go crazy with bronzer when I am so ridiculously pale! So I did what I could following the steps with the tools I had at the ready. This is what I used:

Real Techniques Buffing Brush & Contour Brush, Beauty Blender, Benefit Hoola Bonzer, Benefit Watts up Highlighter, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer,  Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder, Max Factor Pan Stick.

I applied my base makeup as usual because I'm suffering from quite a few blemishes and redness at the moment, so I wanted to make sure this would be covered as I was going out later that evening. Then, following the picture guide, I got to drawing funny dark lines all over my face using the Max Factor Pan Stick. I decided to pick this up as I saw someone use a Nars Multiple stick for contouring and this just seemed to be a good version of that. Plus I'm hopeless with powder! I highlighted using the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, but this probably wasn't the best choice. I just didn't have anything else lighter!

Then I got to blending. I used my Beauty Blender for this - slightly damp to give a perfectly blended look. I didn't want any harsh lines, I just wanted to create the illusion of structure and shadows across my face. This did take quite a while, and once blended I decided to go in with colour for a second time and do it all again. 


I set all the light areas with my Maybelline Fit Me Powder, and the darker areas with the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit. You might not be able to tell a different in the images below, but I can. 


My nose is much smaller and I really think you can sort of see definition in my cheeks. Certainly in the jawline. 

Overall, a pretty decent technique, even for a pale girl like me. 

Unfortunately, I probably wont be doing this again any time soon - it's far too much faffing for my liking and far too much product on my face for a full day. Really couldn't be bothered with putting this on every day!

What's your go for this weeks challenge? Leave your links below! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Why boob's are awesome...

I'm fairly certain that most of you lot reading there are girls or just a perv who found this randomly through a Google search...

I KID, I kid.

In case you didn't already know, BOOB'S ARE AWESOME for sooo many reasons, and this post is dedicated to celebrating how amazing those lady lumps really are. Here's my top 10 reasons why boobs rule the world.

1. Flotation device -  pretty handy while you are on holiday, especially if you are a little larger up top. These jubblies will keep you a float in rough sees, meaning you can donate your life jacket to that hopeless fella of yours.

2. FREE BABY FOOD - gotta love free stuff. After having a baby, you're going to need as much free money to go on nappies for the little shit machines, so free food is a winner!

3. Hypnotism device - spent too much money on those shoes and the other half wont be happy? Go talk to him about it in a low cut top. You DID tell him about the price tag, it's not your fault he wasn't listening.

4. Distraction device - the same sort of concept as above applies. Bad hair day? Got a spot? Get them puppies out and no one will notice whats going on in the head region.

5. FREE STUFF 4 U - I've been given free bus rides, free drinks and samples simply for having the puppies on show. Belting!

6. Storage / Transportation - Need to take 3 things into the living room, but only have 2 hands. I regularly lean back, rest the chocolate biscuit on the boobies and jobs a guddun'. You can also use bra space for hiding valuables - money, lip balm, whatever you need with easy access.

7. Pillows - although not a personal favorite, boobs are great as a form of comfort. Perfect for those with small children, but not for someone like me with a 26 year old snorer of a boyfriend!

8. Ego boost - We all know how much boys (& girls) like boobies. Feeling abit low? Go for a wander round town with one of your favorite figure hugging tops on - you'll soon feel much better!

9. Weather detectors - Step outside - If you get abit 'nippy' you know you need a coat!

10. Femininity - It's what separates us from Men. Boob's give us our woman hood, our confidence and our motherhood. 

Imagine losing them? 

This post has been abit silly, but the message is SO important. Breast cancer can have a massive impact on not only the general health of a person, but mental health too. Losing breasts can cause massive impacts to a woman OR mans confidence, self esteem and feeling of femininity or masculinity. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I wanted to remind everyone why donating to the cause is totally worth it! Women AND Men suffer from the disease and with more funding, more research can be done to support suffers and help find a cure! 

At work, we support a number of charities and of our favorite days is Wear It Pink in aid of Breast Cancer Care. Why don't you get involved? Hold a fundraising day at work or at home! Find our more about Breast Cancer Care here. 

Why do you love boobs? 

P.S Thank you to all the ladies at work for drawing me some boobies. Pretty sure some of the doodles are personal portraits! Haha!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Current Mascara Wardrobe

I've pretty much always been fussy when it comes to mascara. I find alot of brand new mascaras are too wet for me, so it's not until a few weeks later I find I begin to like a mascara formula. But things around here have changed...

I've acquired a number of mascaras of late, either through beauty boxes or shopping trips and have created a mascara wardrobe that has a mascara for any occasion.

I received a mini version of the Model Co Power Lash mascara in my September Birchbox and form first application I was in love. The formula is a little wet, but I can cope with that. The bristle brush is absolutely packed with product and effortlessly give massive amounts of volume to the lashes! Great if you're looking for a wide eyed look.

If you're after something that more along the lines of 'No Makeup', for me, It has to be Clinique High Impact Mascara. I find this formula to be quite thin, but in a good way. It coats the lashes nicely and adds great length and curl, without looking clumpy or too voluminous on the lashes.  Brilliant for lazy days.

I reach for my Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara for my bottom lashes. This has dried our a little and is exactly how I like my mascara. The dainty brush is perfect for coating the bottom lashes with ease and I pretty much never smudge when I use this. The formula sticks too - no panda eyes at the end of the day for me.

If like me your allergies are beginning to flare up, rain is splashing on your face on the morning commute or your just a crier then you'll want something with a little more staying power. For this, look no further than Benefit's They're real mascara. Gives length, volume and stays put! 

The newest of the bunch for ms is my everyday mascara, the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. This mascara claims to have a lash enhancing formula which helps support the growth of your lashes. I'm not too sure about this claim but I will say that recently when I haven't been wearing mascara my lashes have been looking pretty darn good! The brush on this is massive which is its only downfall as it can be slightly difficult to maneuver - but the formula is perfect for everyday use. It's easily build-able for volume too.

5 mascaras might seem pretty excessive, but I don't always want the same eye look everyday! 

What mascaras would you recommend?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Birchbox 2014

This months Birchbox was just WOW! When I saw the spoiler I was too excited to receive my box. A great theme and a great combination of products. 

This months box is in association with Coppa Feel as it is Breast Cancer awareness month, and within in the box the added a little 'How To' guide to checking your breasts. Get checking ladies! 

The theme of the box is 'Work it' - basically a box to help us get our arses into gear, get motivated and tick off some life goals before the year is out. Exactly what I need at the moment!

With Coppa Feel in mind, the box had a very Pink theme which I loved! First off, all of the products I received came in a little pink case - perfect for my handbag which is exactly where this has ended up. I do like that Birchbox sends you little bags with your products in, but this zipper bag is so much better! Anyway, lets get on to the products inside! Here's what I got!

  • Lifestyle Extra - Birchbox Pen - Value £2.50
Overall Value = £41.17

Seriously, wow! What amazing products and amazing value!  

The Balance me face balm actually has a really nice scent - I don't usually like the scent's from balance me. This has little grains in it, so exfoliates as well as cleanses. Can't wait to give this a go - and a great sample size too! 

I've tried  a couple of bits from KMS California before so I'm excited to use the Dry Wax - although I have a feeling that once Dan get's his hands on this, It'll be gone forever! 

I'm also really excited to try the Cool fix from Shaveworks - a product that aims to reduce bumps, redness and ingrown hairs after shaving! Sounds perfect for me! 

I've been using the Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum for a couple of days now and my complexion really is looking glowing. I'm having some skin troubles at the moment, but this creates a sort of soft focus glow to the face. I might have to purchase the full size!

And speaking of full sizes, this month we got a FULL SIZE lip balm from Pixi. Pixi is a brand I've always wanted to try so I'm super happy I got to try this out in my box! It really is amazing - super nourishing with a tint of colour! I'm in love!

And the lipstick shaped pen is now my blogging pen. Although a few people has looked at it and thought it was something else...If you know what I mean? Maybe it's just my family and their dirty minds!

I'm so happy with this months box and can't wait to get cracking on trying out all of the products!

What did you get in your box?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pinterest in Reality Week 2: Baking

Welcome to week two of my Pinterest in Reality Blog Series!

This series is all about seeing if what we see on Pinterest is actually possible to recreate in 'real life'. I know I'm not the only one who spends hours on end flicking through Pinterest, thinking I'll give different things a go but u never do. So over the next 8 weeks I've set myself 8 categories and each week I choose a pin and try and recreate it. You can read my full blog series intro here

This week is all about baking. This was a pretty hard category for me. I love baking, but don't always have the time (or money) to get on with it. On Pinterest, I have pinned absolutely loads of different cakes, cookies and sweet treats, and picking one out of the lot was really, really difficult

This week, I needed something really quick to do, because I've had a pretty hectic weekend and wanted a quick, sweet fix. I've had this basic recipe pinned for a while, with the idea of baking protien pancakes in the same way. I KNOW this is completely basic, but with a hangover and not alot of time, this is exactly what I needed. Heres what I used: 

I followed the Pin's advice and used a pancake ready mix - This Aunt Bessies one was 85p from the corner shop. I used my mini cupcake maker for easy use, and sprinkled on some cinnamon and cadburys buttons chopped up. This was my end result:

Shit, I know. I didn't even like the taste of these, and pancakes are one of my favourite things in the world. I probably should have mixed my own, but I was looking for a quick fix. They look OK, but I don't think I'd make these again! 

What did you bake this week?


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September Birchbox

I've really been falling behind lately when it comes to posting about Birchbox. I actually got my October box dispatch email this morning! Eeeek so I'm VERY late on this box. Sorry!

The main thing is, I was really happy with Septembers box! The Happy Days theme was so unique and I love the idea of upcycling your Birchbox as a photo frame, such a good idea!

This month, I was lucky enough to receive:

Lifestyle Extras - Birchbox Happy Days Photo Clip & Urban Fruit Smashing Strawberry. 

The product selection in this box was just perfect. Some makeup, hair and skincare. What more could a girl ask for?! There's not a single product in it that I wouldn't use. 

I'm already a fan of the Korres body milk, so I love that I was sent another! Same goes for the Benefit eye cream too! I've been using this since I received it and my dark circles have massively reduced. You'd be surprised how long this little pot lasts, too! 

I love getting hair oil samples, as they are great for traveling and with these thick oil formula,  a little really does go a long way! So this Agave Hair Oil sample was very much appreciated! 

You guys know I adore all things Mini, so a mini mascara from ModelCo was just amazing! This isn't pictures as it had already made its way into my handbag! 

The only thing I'm on the fence about is the Premae Face and Body Scrub. I'll get a fair few uses out of this on my face, but I doubt it will do one body scrub. So I'll just have to judge it on its face scrubbing abilities for the time being! 

I also got two lifestyle extras in this box! Spoilt or what? I received a super cute Birchbox photo clip, as well as some Urban Fruit goodies! 

Really happy with this months box, and I'm super excited for Octobers - looks like a guddun!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pinterest in Reality Week 1 : Hair

Welcome to my first post in the Pinterest in Reality Series! This series is all about seeing if what we see on Pinterest is actually possible to recreate in 'real life'. I know I'm not the only one who spends hours on end flicking through Pinterest, thinking I'll give different things a go but u never do. So over the next 8 weeks I've set myself 8 categories and each week I choose a pin and try and recreate it. You can read my full blog series intro here.

No doubt these posts are going to be a little image heavy, so bear with me. Let's give it a go. 

You can find a million and one hair styles in Pinterest, but I opted for an updo as styled by Lauren Conrad. This step by step guide looks pretty simple, whilst the finished look looks polished and red carpet ready. 

Here's how I got on. 

You can see my finished result is somewhat similar, but no where near as polished and sleek. Basically, it's nothing like it, BUT I do like what I created. I think my hair is too fine, short and the layers cause the style a problem, but this messy, bed head look actually really suited me, and I love it! 

I think this style would be pretty spot on for girls with long,thick,  even layered hair, but I don't mind my finished result. How did you get on? 

Don't forget to check out the other ladies getting involved in the series! 

Jay over at Puzzle Piece Life 
Michelle at Michelle
Aleasha - Follow her on Twitter @akcherrybomb 
Sarah at Beauty & Brows

Send me your links if your getting involved! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Little details...

I'm coming at you with something a little different today. Miniemble will always be about beauty, but I've decided to slide a few fashion and lifestyle related posts into the mix. I think there are plenty more ways to make ourselves look and feel more beautiful than just shoving some makeup on your face - something which I have been bracing a little bit more in recent months.

So today, I'm sharing with you some of my fashion favorites of late. I doubt you'll be seeing any OOTD posts from me, but as and when I any cute new bits on the highstreet, I'll share them with you guys! 

I'm quite a plain dresser, so fashion for me is all about making statements through accessories. I think this is on trend too. 

One of the stores I've been loving recently is H&M. I picked up a load of gold colored jewelry from them recently, nothing costing me more than £4.99 and every time I wear one of their cute, dainty rings I get a compliment. I'd much rather buy a load of costume jewelry than wear anything real gold too, because I've pretty much always either lost or broken any expensive jewelry I've had given to me. The jewelry in H&M is inexpensive, on trend and you feel much less guilty tossing it to one side when the next trend comes along! I also picked up the most adorable faux soft leather purse from H&M. Seriously, I'm in love with this purse.I can't find the exact one, but this one is just as nice. Trying to resist the urge of picking it up myself! It's so slim and stylish, so much so that I HAD to find one a little bigger for carrying my makeup around with me. 

Luckily enough on a shopping trip to Forever 21, I found one! This little 'tres chic' pouch goes along with my purse perfectly and fits in all the daily essentials I need to carry in my bag with me! You should check out the beauty range on Forever 21, they ALWAYS have cute makeup bags! I also picked up this amazing camel scarf too, which is a perfect shade for the autumn transition. 

Of course, I couldn't resist some novelty socks! They have absolutely loads of weird and wonderful prints, I'll be heading back for more!

And where else would you go for a statement necklace other than Primark?! Primark know exactly how to do statement necklaces that are bang on trend. 

What little fashion bits are you loving at the moment? 

Would you like to see more posts like this on the blog?

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