Tuesday, September 23, 2014

REVIEW : Lush Roots Hair Mask

Lush - Roots Hair Treatment - £9.95
Who doesn't love a good pamper session of an evening? After a face mask, manicure and hair mask I feel like a new woman! 

I've never really used a hair mask that targets specific hair problems. Generally I'm looking for a bit of a moisture boost and something to feel a little bit more luxurious, which sometimes can make my hair heavy and drag it down and recently I've been wanting more. 

My thin and fine hair needs an injection of body and volume and it didn't take me long online to find out that this hair mask from Lush was exactly what I needed. 

This scalp treatment targets thin and fine hair with mint extracts, which are used to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. The blend of neroil, grapefruit and sweet orange smells delicious and adds to my spa day very nicely. 

You apply this directly onto dry roots (which is really weird feeling BTW!) massage and leave for 20 minutes. I find once washed out, my roots feel lifted and have an instant boost to them, with the scent still lingering. This for me lasts for a good few days and my scalp feels great for even longer. I expected putting a mask straight on your roots would cause greasiness, but this didn't at all!

Not only does this smell great and give an instant boots of volume, the volume created is much, much nicer than volume created by sprays or powders, with no crunchy or powdery residue left behind! 

I picked this up for £9.95 -although this might seem expensive for some, a little will go a long way and you will definitely get a good amount of treatments from it! Give it a go!


  1. Oooo do u do this before or after washing your hair? Just as u apply to dry roots?

    1. I apply it on dry roots before showering. Used it again last night, my hair was greasy and it still worked! X


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