Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pinterest in Reality : Blog Series Introduction

Okay, I'll hold my hands up and say I spend far too long on Pinterest! But I know I'm not the only one! I'll pin beautiful pictures of a hairstyle I'll never attempt or a dessert I'll never make and continue scrolling through.

Until now...

I've decided to create a blog series called Pinterest in Reality. The concept is simple. I choose something I've pinned on Pinterest from a chosen category and try to recreate it, to see if Pinterest can be a reality. 

Sound exciting?  It does to me. 

This series will go beyond beauty and delve into crafts, cooking and DIY. 

Are you up for the challenge? 

Here's the plan. I'm going to set categories for the next 8 weeks and I'll post my attempts Sunday showing you wether or not I can make that particular Pin a reality. 

So here's the categories:

Week 1 : Hair
Week 2 : Baking
Week 3: Makeup
Week 4: Craft
Week 5: Cooking
Week 6: Nails
Week 7 : DIY
Week 8: Create your own Pinterest worthy Pin!

I'd love it if you guys joined in in the series, I think it would be so much fun! 
You can choose anything from that chosen category that you want. Post a picture and link to your original Pin and show us how you got on! Share it in whatever way you want -a blog post like me, on Instagram, on Pinterest or on Twitter - just make sure to tweet or tag me so I can take a look! 

Should we use a hashtag? How does #pinterestinrealitychallenge sound? Please leave other suggestions in the Comments below!

The final post of the series can be whatever you want. Photography, a funny MEME, inspirational quote, Infographic, Makeup look or nail design. The world is at your feet! 

Please leave a comment below if you are going to get involved and a link to where ever you will be postiing your results so I can make sure I follow! 

I'm exciting to get started on this next week! See you then! 

Bloggers on board 
A couple of lovely ladies have joined me! 



Michelle from 

Make sure you check them out! 

Make sure you follow me on all my social media, they are over there >> somewhere!


  1. I'm so excited for this! Although I fear my offerings will be a total fail, does week 1 start next Sunday? :) x

  2. Yeah first one will be next Sunday! I'm so glad your joining in :) first week is hair and I've got BAD roots! I'll have to sort them out ASAP haha xx

  3. This sounds marvellous! So when do I have to complete the hair one? Xxx

  4. I'm putting mine up each Sunday :) but whenever you like, just one each week. Tweet me your link when your done, and remind me Tomoz and I'll add you to the end of the post! X


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