Sunday, September 7, 2014

Muji Facebrush

Hinoki Face Brush - Muji - £3.95

Right, I can't be the only one who was oblivious to the additional range of products from Muji?

I hear Muji, I think storage. Anyone else?

I had never actually ventured to their section in Selfridges until a very recent trip to the Trafford Centre, where I found out that the Muji range goes much further than just pretty acrylic storage.

I lingered around for some time sniffing their amazing diffusers and urged to have a need for a whole host of stationary because their pens, pencil, cases and pads were just so cute and amazing! I ended up picking up a small notebook for blogging, nothing too much to rave about, unlike this little find!

It really didn't take long for this face brush to be mine. I had used the little face brush from The Body Shop before, but after leaving it at my boyfriends one weekend, I didn't actually trust using it on my face again...

This is perfect! Much easier to use than the Body Shop one actually. The long handles means you can apply little or alot of pressure and it glides across the skin really easily.  I just hope that the face that it's made out of wood doesn't lead to the bristles falling out.

The soft white bristle are just the right density and stiffness to give the face a deep exfoliation. I wouldn't use this every day, but this is doing my skin wonders at the moment in helping me remove the horrible, flaky skin I have lingering around some lovely residents I have on my chin.

For £3.95, this really is a bargain and a staple in my skincare routine. Used alone or with some exfoliator this leaves me with silky smooth skin, and no dry patches in sight!


  1. I thought muji only did storage too! Never tried a face brush....tempted!

    1. You really should it so good! I like face brushes, I feel they do a better job than a scrub on it's own! Xx

  2. I definitely might need to invest in this to keep my skin smooth, it looks really handy and not ridiculously expensive like some of the electric ones you can buy! Thanks for sending me your link lovely :)

    Catherine xx

    1. Thanks for checking out my post Hun! It's really good! X


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