Sunday, September 7, 2014

August Birchbox

First off I think I need to apologise for the lack of content lately! Sometimes, life just gets in the way. A blogging break was in no way intentional, but it just sort of happened! Hopefully I'll have more of an update soon for you guys to explain why I've been busy, but for now lets get on with the August Birchbox Review.

WOW this is rather late! We're pretty much due our September box any day now! Sorry guys!

This months theme was Sun, Sea and Sand which I don't massively get from the box content, other than the luggage cutouts on the card inserts and the book sample. I'll level with you right from the start. This box was again a disappointment for me. I'm beginning to sound a little ungrateful to be honest, but the last couple of boxes haven't quite lived up to my expectations set up from the amazing boxes at the beginning of the year.

Anyway, here's what I received in this months box!

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic face rejuvenator - Value £4.33
Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect - Value £4.52
Supergoop CC Cream Daily Correct - Value £3.95
NUDE Progenuis Omega Treatment Oil - Value £10
Wild About Beauty Creme Eyeshadow - Value £13

Total Value £35.18
Lifestyle Extra - The Proposal Chapter - Tasmin Perry

I wasn't super excited about any of the products in this months box. I've tried some stuff from Vasanti before that didn't work for me and the same goes for Number 4. I actually gave the Prep & Protect a go, but it really dried out my hair after just one use, so I doubt I'll be reaching for that anytime soon. The Supergoop seems like it would do a really good job - it seems thick and gives a flawless finish on the back of my hand, but unfortunately the shade was wayyyy off my pale skintone, so this will be going to a tanned friend. I am intrigued by the NUDE Progenius Oil, but I'm not too sure how long a 5ml sample will last. Long enough for me to see the effects?

The Wild About Beauty creme eyeshadow isn't too bad, but pigmentation isn't all that great and I can imagine it will crease quite easily. I did like the idea of the chapter sample though, a really cool idea. Just not my usually genre for a read really!

It really does seem that Birchbox can't do anything to please me at the moment!
I have seen the spoiler for September and it does look much better than the last few months, I'm excited to see what I get!

What did you think about the August Birchbox?

I'll try to get Septembers box up much sooner than this one!

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