Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breakout Saviour

Lush Tea Tree Water

I've got a problem. I think it's a typical beauty blogger problem to be honest - trying out too many products and not sticking to ones you know and love, just for the sake of trying something new. I've never really stuck to a skincare routine or been really loyal to a particular product and this has caused me so many problems in my skin department.

Because I'm always trying out new things and I have no real structure to my skincare routine, its lead me to being mega lazy with it and I end up not going through all the steps that I should. It was inevitable that my skin was going to have a massive freak out, and alas I have been sporting a lovely spot covered chin for the last week or so. Delightful. 

My skin has gone oily to the point where at dinner time my makeup is non existent and I seem to be sprouting a new friend every day. Something needs to be done! 

I've decided to make a commitment to my skin. I will treat it with the TLC that it deserves. 

My skincare commandments: 
  • Thou shalt not go to be in my makeup. 
  • Thou shalt not binge on chocolate and moan about spots. 
  • Thou shalt drink plenty of water. Thou shalt INVEST IN SKINCARE. 
The first thing I needed to do was calm everything down and try to eliminate the little family of spots setting up camp on my chin. And the Lush Tea Tree Water does just that. 

Tea tree is as natural as you can get in the fight against spots. It's antibacterial properties keep spots at bay, whilst the grapefruit and juniperberry ingredients add a boost of vitamins to the skin, keeping it clean and clear. 

One mahoosive bottle of this costs just £7.50 and I can tell you now, this stuff will last me ages! 

I use this all over my face after I've cleansed, generally spritzing some on a cotton pad and and focus more on my T-Zone. Within a couple of days my spot seemed to have backed down, oil production has reduced significantly and I have a much more even skintone. 

This has definitely found a permanent spot in my skincare ritual, both morning and night. 

Now to sort out the rest of my skincare stash!

Are there any other skincare products you'd recommend?


  1. I Saw this i was like OMG! its works so good i love it! and hahaha love your commandments to a haha i'd say lush and body shop skin products

    1. Thanks Hun! I actually picked up the body shop spot treatment the other day, seems to be working well so far! Xx


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