Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What's on my nails Wednesdays : Strawberries!


So, I'm back yet again showing off another gorgeous design of the Primark false nails - strawberries! 

On a recent shopping trip these caught my eye and I couldn't resist, so I snapped them up! They are so cute and summery and lift my mood every time I look down at them! 

As always, these are amazing, so easy and quick to apply and their staying power is about 1 week before I start loosing any nails. I find the Primark false nails really easy to remove, but they can leave my nails in abit of a mess afterwards, so abit of TLC will no doubt be required next week! But it'll be worth it! 

All this cuteness for 50p! YES!! 50p!! These were in the bargain bin, and at a normal price of £1 they would have made their way into my basket anyway, so priced at 50p it was a complete no brainer! 

Unfortunately I've got a feeling that this cut price means that this design will be discontinued so if you like it, get down there and stock up! 

To be honest the range of designs is massive, so if you don't manage to get your hands on these ones I'm pretty sure you'll find a design you'll love! 

These are so good for nail lovers who don't have a steady hand when it comes to nail art! 

What's on your nails this week? 

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