Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rediscovered Favourite - ELF Mineral Blush in Joy

ELF Mineral Blush - Joy - £5.95

I love having a good root through my stash every now and again, because I'll find products stored away that I replaced but at one time held a flame for, and this is one of them products.

About 4 years ago, my entire face would have be ELF. I still like it today, but I like to try more things from other brands and experience some exciting launches. 

ELF is a really affordable and good quality online beauty retailer, and this blush is from it's mineral line. 

Something I have noticed from when I was an original elfie is that prices have rose quite quickly. I understand that in general prices are rising, but I always think of ELF as being cheaper than the high street, but nowadays, its about the same. I picked this up a long time ago (eek) and I'm pretty sure I didn't pay £5.95 for it, but to be honest, if you follow ELF on social media, they pretty much have some promo going on all the time! 

So yeah, this blush is amazing. It doesn't look much in the pot, and initially I didn't get why I bought it, but in one swift sweep over my apples my whole complexion was brightened, I looked awake and...Sweet. I really think I look like a cute dolly when I wear this, its barely there, but gives a nice healthy flush to my pale complexion. 

A little really goes a long way too, which is why this pot has lasted me so long! 

Since dragging this out a few weeks ago, this has been an almost everyday staple! I love it!

Have you tried any of the ELF range?

What would you recommend? 

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