Monday, July 7, 2014

Putting the Beauty Blender and Cleanser to the test!

I was so excited to see this little beauty I'm my June Birchbox! An absolute beauty world favourite and a product I'd been intrigued with for a while. I hadn't opted to use a sponge to apply my makeup since my teenage years after realising how cakes and uneven my foundation looked. 

The hype surrounding this always got me thinking back to them days and remembering the bad blending. URGH! How could sponges have changed so much since my younger years that this was raved about? It really didn't take me long to find out out why, from my first application I was in love. 

I've gives such an airbrushed finish to all of my foundations, BB creams, you name it, it works! I couldn't believe the finish I got this with! It was so easy to use and blend with. It didn't drag my skin or the products, it just made everything look perfect and flawless with minimal effort on my part. 

I thought I'd have problems with the shape of it, but I think this is the best bit about it! I tend to use the sides and point the most to place and buff in my foundation and get right in and round my eyes and nose with ease. 

Unlike some other sponges I've tried, I don't find that much product gets absorbed by the sponge and don't think I'm using any more product than I normally would, which was an initial concern. I have been using this pretty much everyday since I got it and ought it was about time for me to give it abit of a clean.

Unlike most people, I actually enjoy washing my makeup brushes. For some reason, I find it quite therapeutic, but cleaning sponges is something I've never done. I've just always thrown them away and go on to the next! 

The Blender Cleanser I received in my Birchbox was a great added bonus and I was excited to give it ago on both my beauty blender and my brushes. I normally wish my brushes under running water with baby shampoo which leaves the bathroom looking like a bomb site! This method is so much cleaner, quicker and easier. 

The cleanser is ultimately just a bar of soap and holding this in one hand, giving a brush a swirl, rinse and repeat, my brushes were squeaky clean in no time! 

Same goes for the beauty Blender, although washing a sponge seemed completely alien to me. I soaked it in warm water, gave it a swirl and repeated. I had to do this a few times as some bits of foundation seemed to be deeply embedded, but an extra bit of effort got the job done. 

The sponge almost tripled in size, which I found quite hilarious to be honest! It took about 24 hours to dry out on my windowsill, but my house isn't always the warmest being honest! 

This is a great little duo and I'll definitely be using is method of cleansing from now on! 

Have you used these? 

What did you think?

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  1. I got one in my birchbox too and I love it! I thought the same as u about sponges and I am defiantly a convert x


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