Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Found Love : Fudge Urban!!

I absolutely love it when I stumble across an absolute gem of a product by accident and it turns out to be amazing. These two hair styling products from Fudge have very quickly claimed a place in my holy grail hair care product shelf!

I'm never really loyal to styling products, mainly because I love trying new things which is the entire reason that these two beauties were discovered. I had heard of Fudge haircare before because my fella has this used on him at the barbers and he was raving about it, and initially these two purchases were for him, but as soon as I smelled them, I knew they had to be mine. Unfortunately, this didn't last very long as he managed to steal them from my bag, and then his brother stole the hairspray from his room, so I'm going to have to go out and buy some more. But seriously, that's how good they are!

I'm going to start off by raving about the Texture Blaster from the Fudge Urban range. First of all, this smells like holiday in a bottle - a summer nights dream! In one spray, it instantly refreshes, gives massive oomph and great hold. It feels abit like a dry shampoo in that you can actually feel the particles, only it gives great hold too. A little of this in the roots and mid lengths really goes a long way, adding a really good amount of volume whilst still looking polished.

The Iced Coconut Cocktail Hairspray also smells like a dream - exactly how the name suggests. The hold on this is amazing -  a strong matte finish that is easily brushed out. This is perfect for keeping messy top knots in place, whilst still letting the look still appear effortless.

These two together are a great combo - a mess bed head look that will stick around and smell great! I'm going to give the rest of the range a look after my July spending ban, see if there's anything in there worth picking up!

This range is on offer at Superdrug at the moment, so definitely give it a look!

Have you tried anything from the range? What should I pick up?

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