Monday, June 2, 2014

Polar FT4 Watch Guide and Review

Polar Watch FT4 - £70ish 

This is my first and what is most likely going to be my last fitness post here on Miniemble. I'm not a fitness freak nor an expert. I'm a little chubster who has been trying to lost weight for the last year and a half and have lost just over a stone. I'm a realist, an emotional eater and a social person and I have no delusions that I'll be a size 10 by the time Christmas comes around! My aim is to get to a size that I'm happy with and build up my fitness levels to hopefully never use my inhaler again. It's by no means going to be easy, but its completely achievable, even thought I do give myself a hard time over little progress. I'm not going to go into the details of my weight loss, because everyone is different. But be persistent, eat well and exercise often and you will see results! 

Diet is a vital part in losing weight - no you don't have to starve yourself, but doing a round at the gym then treating yourself to a takeout that night isn't going to make a difference either. I need to take my own advice at the moment! 

My main source of motivation at the moment is this nifty little gadget, my Polar Watch. My other half got me this for Christmas (he was very good at taking hints) and I was eager to try it out. Up until March, I was doing about 3 workouts a week for about 45 minutes. This worked before, and in my head I hadn't changed anything and couldn't understand why I wasn't losing any weight. My watch would hit a 250 cal burn and off I'd scoot home. When I'd do the 20 minutes of 30 Day Shred ( a great workout, if you haven't tried it already!) I was averaging 270 cals and the burn the day after was immense! I thought my gym calorie burn was enough, but it clearly wasn't. I see that now. 

The watch shows how many calories you've burnt, how long you've been working out, and how long you were in the 'Fat Burning Zone' during your workout. When you set up the watch, you put in your personal stats like your height and weight so the calorie burn can be as accurate as possible, the you are good to go! You put the strap around your chest, click a button and it records everything until you tell it to stop. 

It can hold date for your last 10 work outs, so you can keep track of your progress, but my favorite feature is the beep. This little bugger beeps at you continuously until you get back into the fat burning zone, should you not be putting enough effort into your workout. This definitely keeps me on my toes and pushing harder and harder every time I workout. 

I look at my last workout and try to beat it. Even if only by a few calories. If I feel like giving up, I see how well Ive done and push another 50 calories before I pack it in and go home. 

Everyone's calorie burn and limits are different. Your best competition is you, yesterday. 

Have you used this watch before? Or something like it? 

(P.S You can swim in this too, although I haven't tried it so I can't comment!)

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