Friday, June 20, 2014

Holiday Beauty Essentials


This time last week I was sunning myself on a beach in Lanzarote. Now I'm back in gloomy old Manchester sat behind my desk. But there is a promise of some sun in the UK over the weekend! I don't mind too much as long as I can catch up on some sleep! 

When I went away, I packed light. I didn't expect to need a lot, but turns out I was missing a few products that could have made the week away a bit easier. So you don't have to worry about leaving anything, I've compiled a list of my Holiday Beauty Essentials!

Lip Balm with SPF
If you suffer from the dreaded coldsore virus like me, SFP lip balms are a complete essential. The virus is activated by sunlight, and you don't want one of these nasties ruining your holiday pictures!

Soothing Face Mist
This was essential for me too, a nice spritz to make me feel fresh and cool me down. I took my Caudalie Beauty Elixr, which worked wonders at reducing my red sunburn too! 

Nail Polish & Remover
It's unreal how quickly my nail polish on both my fingers and toes wore away whilst I was on holiday - I'm not sure if this was down to the heat, but by day 3 it looked pretty ugly and something needed to be done. Luckily enough my sister had packed some, otherwise I would have looked pretty scruffy for the rest of the week! 

Hair Oil / Serum
For me, my hair condition is so important. I rarely use heat on it nowadays, because I noticed that when I did, my hair was becoming thinner and thinner. I love to use a good hair oil or serum in the warmer months to help lock in the moisture for longer and stop any heat penetrating it and causing damage.

Although generally the sun does my skin the world of good, whilst on holiday I got an absolute stonker of a spot. I had nothing to put on it, so had to go the full week with an extra friend on my chin. Not a good look! A little pot of this would have sorted me right out, and would have been handy for the rest of the family too.

And the more obvious - Suncream, Aftersun, Day/Night Cream, Cleanser, Deodorant, Perfume, Hair Clips / Bobbles, Makeup.

Are you going on holiday this year? What are your beauty essentials? 

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  1. A lip balm with SPF has to be the one product I always forget! I need to track down one with quite a high SPF this year.


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