Thursday, June 5, 2014

BEAUTY BARGAIN ALERT! Barbara Daly @ Tesco

I'm all about a good quality bargain. Its extremely, extremely rare for me to buy a high end product because I find that most of the time I can find a high street alternative for a fraction of the price (so I can buy much more!) and these little babies are no exception. A fair few weeks ago, the gorgeous Vicky at Describe the Sky (one of my fave blogs) posted a picture of these beauties on Instagram and I was instantly in love – then intrigued to see that they were from Tesco!  I knew I had ot have them, and within a few days, they were mine. 

As far as I’m aware, Barbara Daly is a Tesco exclusive brand, one that I have been aware of but assumed would be poor quality. When I found the BD stand in my local store, it was pretty grubby to say the least, with products opened with lids off, spills and all sorts all over the place. There’s no wonder I haven’t been drawn to the brand before with a stand like that! But that aside, I was lucky to find these 3 un-swatched and in their packaging, and headed straight to the tills so I could get them home and try them out. 

Some of my favourite bloggers have been raving about the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar Eye pencils, and to be honest, these look like an exact dupe for a tiny fraction of the price. The quality of the BD shadows is amazing, and the packaging is sleek and sturdy – it looks so much more expensive than it is. By Terry pencils costs £28 each and the BD alternative costs £3.  You’d be crazy not to try them first! Better yet, I got mine on 3 FOR 2!

As you can see from the swatch, with just one swipe these sticks are super pigmented and just absolutely stunning. I had a shower soon after swatching these on my hand, and they didn’t want to budge. They remove nicely with an oil based eye makeup remover, but they are definitely not going anywhere throughout the day! Staying power and colour pay off get a big fat thumbs up from me!

I just can’t get over how stunning these colours are, for £3! I use them all together to create a gorgeous bronzed smokey eye – they dry quite fast, but if you work quickly, their creamy formula easily blend out to create a stunning summer night’s look! Or, if your abit on the lazy side like more, a one colour wash of these over the lid is enough to create a gorgeous look quickly and easily! 
The shape is so easy to work with too, you can get under the bottom lash line, inner corners and the crease with precision to make a perfectly polished look really quickly.

The shades I picked up were Bronze Gold, Shimmer Sand and Shell. The shade range was limited, but to be honest, these are wearable shades for almost any complexion, and for £3, I’m really not going to moan!

Have you tried any of the Barbara Daly range? 

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  1. These are gorgeous & they look so much like my beloved Laura Mercier ones but much much cheaper I am going to pick up a few next time I'm in Tesco


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