Friday, May 16, 2014

Spray & Go... Lazy girls moisturising dream!

Vaseline Spray and Go - £3.99
So the sun is out, summer is pretty much here, and I jet off to Lanzarote with the fam in just over 3 weeks time! Jealous much?

It's at this time of year where moisursing is probably the most important - your skin is on show more, and you obviously want it to look good. Most people hate to moisturise their body of the best of days and find it a chore. I actually love doing it, but it's not always something I get round to doing after each and ever shower. Especially as the hot weather gets nearer, I feel less motivated to moisturise, as I'll feel hot and sticky for 10 minutes while it sinks in, when really I just want to get up and go! 

This is the perfect solution to this lazy girl problem.

Vaseline spray and go launched some time last year I think and I tried really hard not to get drawn into the hype. I have stacks and stacks of body lotion, so I didn't need anything new. In all honesty, I thought the concept was good but I didn't see it working well.

I've resisted for nearly 12 months, the the holiday shopping bug too over! I know I'll need to stay moisturised on holiday to keep my skin looking good and to avoid any peeling, but I really didn't fancy slapping on thick moisturiser in the hot and sticky Lanzarote weather. 

Enter Vaseline Spray and Go.

I picked this up from a local supermarket on an offer. The reviews I'd read were good, and I thought this would be the perfect solution for moisturising on holiday. Of course I've been giving it a whirl before I go to see if its worth taking, and the verdict is, I love it!

Unfortunately I picked up one with a cracked lid which sometimes causes the nozzle not to work, but nonetheless I am really impressed with the application. 

It basically works like an aerosol, spraying a fine mist of a light moisturiser in a steady stream. I've not noticed any clogging of the nozzle as I had expected I would, and you pretty much coat your entire body in a matter of seconds. 

The formula is really lightweight and not at all greasy. my skin drinks this stuff up! One quick rub after I've finished spraying and I am ready to get dressed! 

That's the thing I love so much about this - the fact that it absorbs so quickly! No waiting around in my bedroom starkers waiting for my lotion to sink in. Nice image, right? 

I picked up the aloe vera version of this which smells gorgeous, and will be perfect for soothing my skin on holiday! 

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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