Friday, May 2, 2014

Poorly Girl Face

It seems that as soon as spring has sprung, nearly everyone comes down with a cold.Ive been suffering with the sniffles, coughs and headaches mildly for a while now, I just can't seem to shake it off. But last weekend, it came on pretty strong, and it left me in bed for a couple of days, not that I'm complaining. I really needed the extra sleep, and managed to watch Sherlock over and over and over... Obsessed much?

Anyway, I had to pull myself out of bed to go and run some errands. Normally I'd have no problem leaving the house with a bare face, but when I'm poorly, I really am a sight for sore eyes. 

It took me about 3 minutes to throw something together to make me look half decent,  but with the total minimum effort required! 

I absolutely love this! It's much runnier than your typical foundation, but it does the job perfectly. I tend to wear this on good skin days, when I've got no spots or blemishes. It works well to even out my pinky red patches I have on my face, as well as doing a good deal to tackle my under eye bags. I just whacked this on using my fingers, blended a bit, and that was my base sorted! I definitely wasn't having a good skin day when I wore this, but I wanted to wear something light to let my skin breathe, rather than a full coverage foundation.

I got this in a Birchbox a while ago, and my first impressions of it were not all that good. I was expecting a higher pigmentation with a good colour payoff and it just didn't have that. It looks so bright in the tube, but this isn't transferred as dramatically onto the skin as you'd think. But on second thoughts, it does take rather a lot to perk up my ghostly complexion. I wanted to use something that gave a quick and subtle glow to the face, and this did just that. It gave more of a dewy finish than a flushed finish, which was fine, because I was already naturally pretty flushed that day anyway! Used on days where I want the bare minimum, this is now my go-to. 

Maybelline Brow Drama £4.99

I sort of have mixed feelings for this product. I think there's so many bad reviews of it out there in the blogosphere that I feel like I shouldn't like it. But I do. It's not the best brow product I have used, but it certainly isn't the worst. I think after Benefits Gimme Brow was launched, people had higher expectations for this to be a dupe, and it just isn't. I use this to brush my brows into shape, keep them in place and add a bit of colour to my brows. If your someone like me who has relatively healthy, bushy brows then this will probably work well for you, but if you need a lot of filling it, I'd give it a miss. It gave me a polished-yet-not look, like I'd made a bit of an effort.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara £10

This brush is like WOAH! It is seriously the biggest mascara wand I've ever used and because of this, I find it a bit fiddly to use. The formula doesn't blow me away, but it's an OK mascara and I use it on days when I'm not going for a full face look. It coats the lashes nicely, not as thickly as the name suggests, and gives a wide awake look to the eyes. Doesn't come close to my favourite, Benefits They're Real though!

What are your poorly girl makeup tricks?

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