Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's on my nails Wednesday - #womnw Series - Primark Bunny Nails!

So, you will probably know by now that I am in love with Primark false nails! For £1 you really can't go wrong - they are decent quality with a really good strength of glue, which lasts me at least a week. And their design range... It's pretty amazing! This time I opted for some bunnies, but I also picked up another box of kitty nails for me - and some for a friend! As well as an aztec print - I might wear these on my jollies! 

I actually decided to put these on 'upside down' - the design was intended to be at the end of the nail. but I decided to flip them and have the design at the cuticle like I'd seen on the Company / Primark Instagram account. 

As always with false nails, I file these down to my regular nail length, as I feel it makes a massive difference in the life of my mani, but I also don't like the feeling of having extra long false nails on either.

I think the design is just adorable - although I probably should have worn these last week!

What do you think about Primark false nails?

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