Sunday, April 13, 2014

Have you discovered - Powder


This weeks topic is powder, which to be honest isn't a step I always do, even though I should.

I have quite oily skin, and find that my makeup doesn't last as long as I'd hope,so finding a good powder can really help solve this problem. 

The reason I often skip this step is because I don't like a super matte look - I like the dewy look and in the past I've found that powders can completely take away that radiance.

But with my skin suddenly changing to an oil slick, skipping the powder step is not an option. 
I've never really fallen in love with a particular powder, so I was in the market to try something new, and this was the only thing that caught my eye.


In the pan, this powder is actually a lot lighter than in the picture - white almost, but on the sponge it does look rather orange. It really isn't, on the skin it's completely translucent. I don't find it at all chalky, it's really finely milled, so sinks into the skin really easily rather than sitting on the skin and caking.

I only really use this on my t-zone, focusing more on my chin, and to set my under eye makeup. 
It works well at setting makeup, and controlling oil, but I do have to top up throughout the day, but with my level of oiliness at the moment, I really can't fault it. 

I'm not completely converted to using powder, but for oil control, I love this! 

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  1. I choose this powder for tonights post as well, really good to see how other people get on with it... I really like it as well :)



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