Monday, April 7, 2014

Hand & Nail Care

Since I've been taking part in the What's on my Nails Wednesday series, I've put much more of an effort into caring for my hands and nails because I don't want you guys having to look at a bad mani once a week. 

I generally give my nails a good once over at least once a week, starting with clipping, filing and buffing. I like to keep my nails petty short and straight - I find that having them this way keeps my polish looking fresh for so much longer!

I'll then use the Sally Hansen Instant Cutical Remover on my cuticles - they are always dry and in bad condition, and this works well to remove the straggly bits. I'll push back what's left behind. 

 No matter what I'm doing with my nails that week, I'll always follow with a protective base for my nails. I've been using this since I used the Primark false nails a couple of months ago, they wear a right pain to get off and left my nails in a state! My base of choice is the Sally Hansen Nail Protex with vitamins. This brought my nails back to good condition in no time, and I'd like to keep them that way. 

The next step is what I think is the most important. - hand cream. I use this on a daily basis, and it makes so much of a difference. On my pamper evenings, I do slather this on and shove on some gloves to let it really sink in - the other half thinks I look like a magician with them on! 

I have so many different bottles of hand cream, with my Origins and L'Occtaine being my favourite at the moment. I'll have to thank my bestest for getting me a L'Occtaine set for my birthday! 

What steps do you have in your routine? Any tips for me? 

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  1. Nail and Hand care is so important, they say you can tell an age through your hands. Some fab tips :)


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