Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Avon Clear Skin Instant Spot Treatment

I've been having abit of a 'mare with my skin recently, and getting it back to some sort of normality is becoming quite a lot of effort.

I think because I've been eating so much crap recently (I'm looking at you, Ben, Jerry!) and my water intake isn't what it used to be, my skin has gone into shock. It's basically telling me to get my diet back on track, and I'm really trying to, but weaning myself off the chocolate may take a little longer than planned...

Anyway, I've had some right stonkers for breakouts the past few weeks. I mean BIG spots. The kind that even though you shouldn't, you love to pop. Don't pretend you don't do it! They needed some drastic action, pronto, and this spot treatment is all I had in my drawers, so I gave it a go.

Overall, I was happy with it. I've never used a spot treatment that had completely wiped out a spot overnight, so I wasn't expecting miracles, but this did do a pretty good job. The next day the spot didn't seem as nasty or red, and the day after their wasn't really much left, apart from some skin discolouration and dry skin. I think that's the only problem I have with this. While it does do a good job of drying out nasty spots, it has also dried up the skin around it, and I'm now having trouble tying to balance out the moisture in my face. 

I can't quite remember how much it was, but I don't think I would have spent much more than £5 on a treatment like this, because my breakouts are normally few and far between. 

I'd recommend it, but a good moisturiser after is a must! 

Have you got a hoily grail spot treatment?

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